Find the Best Water Bowl for Your Dog This Summer 

Summer is a time people love to head outdoors, plan road trips and make memories with friends and family. Dogs love doing many of the same things in the summer. They love heading outside to roll in the grass or play a game of fetch. They love car rides and adventures with their humans. Hydration becomes especially important for our pets during the summer. The heat can be especially taxing on our furry friends. If you’re looking for the best outdoor dog water bowl this summer, there are some important things to consider.

Is Your Dog Bowl Portable? 

Whether you are heading to the dog park, hiking, camping or going on some other adventure with your dog, having a dog bowl on hand is convenient. This allows you to give your dog water breaks when he needs it after any activity outside. You should have a dog bowl that you can easily throw in the back of your vehicle, or pack in a bag or backpack. It should not be too heavy. You also want to be sure that the bowl is not fragile like a ceramic bowl. A broken dog bowl will do you no good when you’re on-the-go. 

Is Your Dog Bowl Easy to Clean?

You also want a dog water bowl that is easy to clean. If your dog’s water bowl is outside, it can get dirty and should be cleaned regularly. A dishwasher safe bowl makes it super easy to ensure your dog’s water bowl stays clean this summer. An unclean bowl can be at risk of building up harmful bacteria, which could be dangerous for your dog.
 Dog in the park

Is Your Dog Bowl Durable? 

You should invest in a dog water bowl that is built to last. If your dog’s water bowl is going to be traveling with you or used outside, it should be quite durable. Investing in a quality bowl will give your dog many summers of refreshing hydration!
The WeatherTech Pet Feeding System comes in a variety of sizes, heights and styles. It has been designed and engineered with your pet in mind. A Single Low Feeding System has the portability, and durability you need for a summer water bowl for your dog. It is also easy to clean. Both the bowl and stand are dishwasher safe. The WeatherTech Pet Feeding System is heavy-duty but remains lightweight. The bowls are ergonomically designed stainless steel. They are the only American-made stainless steel dog bowls to be certified by the NSF- free from lead, mercury, cadmium, radiation and other toxins! 

Tips for How to Keep Your Dog’s Water Bowl Cool in the Summer

Here are some additional tips to keep your dog’s water bowl cool outside in the summer: 
Keep your dog’s water bowl in the shade. You do not want the water getting hot in direct sunlight.
Refresh the water bowl regularly. Your active dog can get thirsty after playtime; make sure there is always fresh water available for him to enjoy.
To keep your dog’s water cooler longer, you can add a block of ice to his bowl. Keep an eye on your dog to make sure he does not try to eat the ice.