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Dog Park Etiquette: Tips for a Day at the Dog Park

The dog park can be a fun adventure to take Fido where he can get exercise and socialize with his friends! You’ll want to make sure you’re prepared with the proper etiquette for you and your pup to enjoy the dog park to its fullest.

Helpful dog park etiquette tips:

    • Check if you need to purchase a pass to enter the dog park
    • Make sure Fido is up-to-date on their vaccines
    • Remove your dog’s leash prior to entering the park
    • Your dog should be well-behaved and understand basic commands
    • Be courteous and pick up after your pet
    • Keep an eye on your dog throughout the visit
    • Understand your dog’s personality
    • Don’t bring any food or treats 
    • Do bring water and a bowl

Let’s go into further detail on a few of these tips.

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Well-behaved and Basic Obedience

There are many different types of dogs at the dog park including various breeds, ages and obedience level. Before taking your pup to the park, make sure they understand basic commands and listen to you when you call them. You’ll also want to have your dog socialized prior to their first trip to the dog park.

If your dog seems uncomfortable at any point during your visit, it may be time to leave the park for the day. Most dogs know their limits, so be aware as they are playing. This training will allow you to have more control over your dog when certain situations to come up.


Understand Your Dog’s Personality

Prior to bringing your dog to the dog park, understand their personality. Do they play well with other dogs of all sizes and ages? Do they listen well to your commands? Every dog is different. They have many play styles, tolerance levels, commands and so on. Not all dogs are meant to hang out at the dog park and that’s perfectly fine. Some like their own environment and are more comfortable in that familiar territory. If they don’t get along well with other dogs, it’s best to have playtime at home or go for a walk! 

Don’t Bring any Food into the Dog Park

Dogs love food and nothing will hold them back from trying to get your food. Whether it be human food or dog treats, this can be distracting to other dogs and can cause them to bombard you or fight with other dogs over the food.

We hope these guidelines have given you a better understanding of dog park etiquette. Now get out there and enjoy the fresh air with Fido and his friends!

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