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Best Ways to Travel with Your Dog

Are you planning on traveling this year with your dog in tow? With a little extra planning, you can take your furry friends along with you on most of your road trip adventures! Check out the travel hacks below to make your trip a complete success.

Photo of a golden retriever sitting next to a travel suitcase

An exercised pup means a tired pup

Photo of a woman throwing a tennis ball to a golden retriever in a park

Before getting in the car for the next several hours, take you dog for a very long walk or run to make sure all their energy is fully expended. You’ll worry less, knowing your dog is sleeping for a majority of the trip versus a stressed pup with the zoomies wanting to run all around the vehicle.

Pack a dog friendly travel kit

When packing for your dog, it is important to bring the following:

  • Any medications and health records like proof of recent vaccines
  • Plenty of their regular food, treats and bottled water (feed them a light meal a few hours prior to leaving to prevent motion sickness)
  • Food and water bowls
  • Waste bags
  • A few of their favorite toys and blankets
  • A pet first-aid kit

Dog products for your car

Photo of two golden retrievers sitting on a Seat Protector in the backseat of a truck

Protect your backseat with a FloorLiner, Seat Protector and a Door Protector. FloorLiners are the best floor protection for keeping your vehicle carpets clean and protected from any dirt and unwanted messes. The Seat and Door Protectors are both made from a heavy-duty water-repellent fabric to prevent slobber stains and scratches from ruining your vehicle seats and door panels.

Dog friendly apps

When trying to find pet friendly hotels, stores, restaurants or trails, check out any of the apps below to help make your agenda a bit more structured while on the road:

If your dog overall is not comfortable with traveling in the car or going to new places, doggy daycare/boarding or a trusted pupsitter are always great options to make their time without you easier.


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