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Ava & Aspen 

Influencer Spotlight: @littlepnwpups

Ava and Aspen in a field of flowers.

Ava and Aspen live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (hence the name "littlepnwpups"), just outside Portland, Oregon. Ava is a sassy, people-loving, adventurous corgi whose short legs never stop her from hiking a mountain. Aspen is a loyal, goofy, happy go lucky golden retriever who was rescued from China. As a family they are always looking forward to the next hike, camping trip, walk through the forest or paddling on the water.

Ava and Aspen using the WeatherTech pet feeding system.

Ava & Aspen love their Pet Feeding Systems. They may be different sizes, but the custom feeding system allows them to have the perfect size to fit their needs.

A collage of Ava and Aspen on the beach eating and drinking from the WeatherTech pet feeding system.

Keep up with Ava & Aspen on Instagram @littlepnwpups to follow them on their adventures!