What did WeatherTech do? #SBLII

 WeatherTech in for Fifth Year as Super Bowl® Advertiser

Continuing with the Made in America campaign, the WeatherTech spot for this year's Super Bowl® features the construction of the new 125,000 square-foot facility in Bolingbrook, Illinois with the silent message of "We Build, Buy and Hire American" and "We're Doing Our Part."
"Our spot this year, doesn't have dogs, no models, no stunts, no jokes, we don't even have voice over. We wanted the visual of another WeatherTech facility being built that is now producing our FloorLiners and employing an additional 250 people to do the talking" said David MacNeil, founder and CEO of WeatherTech.
WeatherTech ran its first Super Bowl® commercial in 2014, and since then six new facilities have been added, more than 800 new jobs and a new headquarters building on the Bolingbrook campus.

The spot was produced and filmed entirely in-house by the WeatherTech media group.
"In our fifth year advertising during the Super Bowl® broadcast, we wanted to celebrate the fact that we are doing our part to keep America moving forward," MacNeil continued. "We are approaching 2,000 employees and we have been able to keep our annual growth rate at, or above, 15 percent since we started the business in 1989."
"The Super Bowl®, with its 111 million viewers, is a part of our marketing mix that has worked for us. Every year, we have witnessed increased traffic to our web site, phone center, and network of distributors worldwide. We've built our company on the principal of producing the best American engineered and manufactured products to protect our customers' vehicles."

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