Scout – The Dog, the Myth, the Legend

If you were watching the Super Bowl® you may have seen this face on your screen.
Meet Scout, the star of the WeatherTech commercial that aired on Sunday. Instead of a focus on the usual WeatherTech products many viewers may be used to, we introduced a different product instead. With the help of Scout, the world was introduced to the PetComfort Feeding System by WeatherTech. 
Did you know that Scout is actually the Golden Retriever of WeatherTech CEO, David MacNeil? He is a local celebrity around the office. He even has his own Instagram account @wtScout. Whether Scout is stopping in for a photo shoot, visiting the Factory Store, or having lunch in the café with some of his human coworkers he can be seen rehydrating from his personal Petcomfort Feeding System.
With the launch of PetComfort earlier this year, you could say that MacNeil’s love for his Golden Retriever runs deep. "I am a long-time pet lover and dog owner, I have also lost my last three dogs to cancer," MacNeil said. "Through our research, we learned that many pet bowls, stainless steel, plastic and ceramic may be toxic and can hurt your pet. We have over two years of research and development in our PetComfort Feeding System."
The same high-quality standards that you know and trust across all WeatherTech products have been applied to the PetComfort Feeding System. The integrated stand and mat keep your pet from making a mess while eating and feature two NSF Certified, stainless steel pet bowls. It's designed specifically with their comfort in mind. PetComfort Feeding Systems are free of radiation, lead, BPA and more. This means they’re safe for every member of your family, including the furry ones.
Scout eating food