Celebrating Manufacturing Day with WeatherTech


What is Manufacturing Day?

Manufacturing Day takes place on the first Friday of October every year. It is a day designed to allow manufacturers to share more about what they do, along with the greater impact it has on society.  

What Manufacturing Day means to WeatherTech

For WeatherTech, Manufacturing Day is a day that we can feel proud of the company we have built. Our foundation as a company is in American manufacturing. Having the opportunity to share that with others means so much to us. We have a passion and a drive to continue to grow and expand here in the US. From new products, to new factories, to new employment opportunities as we continue to grow – these are all exciting things that drive us every day to do what we do. 
WeatherTech is proud of our investment in American manufacturing. We are doing our part for the American economy and for our 300 million fellow citizens and neighbors. Want to see more of what we do at WeatherTech? Here is a quick look: 

How is WeatherTech getting involved for Manufacturing Day?

Manufacturing has a lot to celebrate being a vital industry for the US and our local community. On October 9, WeatherTech is joining 45 additional local organizations to make a louder voice about manufacturing’s strong local presence, at MFG Day hosted by Three Rivers Manufacturers’ Association (TRMA) and Joliet Junior College (JJC).  Over 750 students from 15 high schools are expected to attend this manufacturing education event. 

What is the future of manufacturing in America?

The future of manufacturing in America is happening now at WeatherTech. Through creativity, productivity and innovation - with an eye toward conservation - we will continue to develop the finest automotive accessories you can purchase to protect, or enhance your vehicle ownership experience.