Can WeatherTech Floor Mats Be Recycled?

Variety of WeatherTech Floor Mats being prepared for recycling.

WeatherTech is devoted to sustaining a healthy environment, which is exactly why all of our vehicle floor mats are made only using 100% recyclable material. That’s right, WeatherTech FloorLiners, 3D FloorMats, All-Weather Floor Mats and All-Vehicle Mats (AVM®) are all fully recyclable.

In order to properly recycle your WeatherTech Floor Mats, you will need to first identify the recycling number that is used by recycling services across the U.S. to identify and classify the material. To do this, simply flip your WeatherTech product over onto its backside and look for the number contained within the center of the universal recycling symbol. Once this number has been identified, you should check with your waste management company to learn the proper disposal procedures. Some companies will pick these products up curbside; some companies may require you to drop certain products off at a specialized recycling center.

Once your old WeatherTech Floor Mats have been recycled, you’re going to want to get them replaced as soon as possible. Now that autumn is in full swing, winter isn’t far behind! Head over to and grab your new set today!