Trends in Car Accessories 2020

Looking for the next best vehicle accessory for your ride? We’ve put together a list of the most popular and innovative car accessories trending in 2020. 
 Car Accessories
Maintain an organized vehicle and stay safe with this list of popular car accessories.

Dash Cams

Have you ever wondered how to keep your vehicle safe, even when it’s parked? Dash cams are the perfect vehicle accessory and a very useful tool in keeping an eye out for your vehicle, regardless of whether you’re in it or not. Monitor for driver and road safety, record your next off-roading adventure or catch some great road trip footage. Dash cams top our list of car accessories for 2020.

Car Phone Holders

Hands-free phone laws have been adopted across the U.S., keeping drivers and passengers safe while on the road. Now that technology allows communication directly through vehicles, it’s important to keep phones in an easily accessible location. Instead of hanging phones off vents, or mounting to dashboards, check out WeatherTech’s space-saving CupFone. Utilizing vehicle cup holders, this car accessory keeps your phone within reach, while enabling you to focus on what’s most important — the road.
 Car Phone Holders
Keeping your eyes on the road has never been easier than with WeatherTech’s CupFone car phone holder.

Rooftop/Pull Along Campers

Hit the open road and escape the everyday with an easy-to-use, innovative rooftop tent. Never has camping out of a vehicle been so easy or comfortable. These new vehicle accessories make it easier than ever to set up your campsite for the night and pack up and hit the road in the morning!

Pet Vehicle Comfort

Does your pet travel with you often? If so, make sure they ride in style. Keeping them in the rear of your vehicle has never been easier than with WeatherTech’s Pet Barrier and Safety Harness accessories. If you’d prefer your pooch to be buckled up in the backseat, take a look at WeatherTech’s Seat Protectors. Care for your pet and your vehicle at the same time with all of WeatherTech’s vehicle pet accessories.

Car Health Monitors

Instead of attempting to guess why a dashboard warning light is on, stay in the know with a Car Health Monitor. These new car accessories make caring for your vehicle’s health much easier. Instead of driving to the dealership, these helpful car accessories actively monitor and report on your vehicle’s health stats. Log your vehicle’s data, repairs, trends and even predict future issues with a car health monitor.
Our vehicles are becoming more advanced and are capable of doing so much more than getting us from point A to point B these days. Whether you’re driving to and from work, headed out on an epic camping excursion, or just taking a ride with your pet, adding these helpful vehicle accessories can keep you and your car more organized, protected and safe.