Top Products for Pet Owners at WeatherTech


We love our pets. Whether you're a cat owner or dog owner, you want your pet to live a long, happy and healthy life. 

Often, we worry about things like the food our pets eat. But do you ever consider that what they eat out of may be just as important as what they eat? That's why WeatherTech is raising the bar on pet bowl standards with the introduction of our PetComfort Feeding System.

Human Food-Grade, Non-Toxic Materials

The PetComfort Feeding System uses U.S. sourced stainless steel bowls,
which are NSF certified for home use, lead-free, and radiation-free. The stand and mat are made from FDA compliant materials with anti-microbial and anti-fungal additives too.
The elongated front of the bowl gives your furry friend easier access to food, and the shallow depth makes dinner time strain-free for a pet of any size! 

Our Bowls are Exclusively for the PetComfort Feeding System

This pet bowl system comes in 8 different sizes and 11 different colors to fit your pet’s needs. Don't own the PetComfort Feeding System yet? Then hurry over to and retrieve one for your furry family member! 

That's not the only pet product we offer though. Here are a list of other great Pet Friendly items for the human’s car!


The Seat Protector prevents scratches or slobber stains on the seat surface.


The Pet Barrier is adjustable and easy to install to keep pets safe in the rear of the vehicle, and best of all, it's made in USA!


Finally, our PetRamp is a portable ramp to help get in and out of the car, featuring a non-slip surface and is easy to clean. 

At WeatherTech, we hope to continue to bring you products that provide a PAWSitive experience for you and your pets!