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Top 5 Popular Products for Your Fall Adventures

If you've ever traveled somewhere during the fall, whether it's a day trip to the pumpkin patch with the family or a road trip vacation to somewhere warmer, chances are you've packed things to keep yourself and others comfortable during the drive. Fall getaways are always a good time for adventure, and WeatherTech has just the products you need for all of your routes!

Fall Adventure Product 1: Cargo Liner

Every vehicle has a trunk, but what kind of junk is in yours? During the fall season, it typically tends to be rainy with falling leaves, which can create muddy conditions. A perfect example of this would be going to a pumpkin patch with the family and choosing the perfect gourd to make into a Jack-o'-lantern for your front porch. Muddy shoes or boots, muddy pumpkins and your wet umbrella can all be tossed into your trunk or cargo area without a worry when you have a WeatherTech Cargo Liner!

pumpkins and shrubbery on cargoliner

Fall Adventure Product 2: FloorLiner

We've all been there— you step in a puddle in the parking lot that is deeper than it looks and now your shoes are soaked. Not only that, but those snacks you packed for the kids after the visit to your in-laws are now being spilled all over the floor, along with the apple juice box that was squeezed. Luckily, you need not worry about the carpet in your vehicle, because WeatherTech FloorLiners are designed to catch all of this and more while being simple to clean, allowing you to return to your busy life in no-time.

driver side floorliner in vehicle

Fall Adventure Product 3: Door Pocket Hand Sanitizer Holder

These days, being clean and healthy has become one of the most important things you can do for yourself, your friends and your family. While on the go, we touch so many different surfaces throughout the day that we might not even realize it. This is why we developed the Door Pocket Hand Sanitizer Holder. It allows you to securely hold one bottle of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel Portable Pump (either one 8 fl. oz. bottle or two 2 oz. bottles) which are included. Simply clip it to your vehicle's door pocket and sanitized hands are at your fingertips. Snap it to your seat back pocket to give your kids or other passengers easy access too!

hand sanitizer being pumped into hand

Fall Adventure Product 4: CupCoffee

With the cooler temps of fall starting to settle in, the need for warmer drinks becomes a top priority while you are out and about. The problem is that most YETI® Ramblers® today do not fit normal-sized cup holders in vehicles. That's why we developed our CupCoffee! With CupCoffee, you can easily fit your Rambler® – and similarly-sized portable coffee mugs with large handles – in virtually any vehicle's cup holder. It keeps 14 or 24 ounces of flavorful coffee, tea, water or soda out of the way, yet easy to access as you drive!

cupcoffee in cup holder of vehicle

Fall Adventure Product 5: FuelGlove™

Fueling up while on your fall adventures is not only a necessity, it is a given. With the WeatherTech FuelGlove™, keeping your hands free of gas pump germs and other bacteria is a no-brainer! As temperatures drop, it also doubles as hand protection to keep your hands from being exposed to the elements that could dry them out. Utilizing FastFit® style and a textured Armortex® grip, Fuel Glove is a must have for anyone looking to keep their hands clean at the gas pump!

person wearing fuelglove to fill up car at pump

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