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Top 5 Popular Products for Your Summer Getaways

If you’ve ever traveled somewhere during the summer, whether it’s a day trip to the beach with friends or a road trip vacation with the kids, chances are you’ve packed things to keep yourself and others comfortable during the drive. Summer getaways are always a fun time for adventure, and WeatherTech has just the products you need for all of your excursions!

Summer Getaway Product 1: WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors

During the summer when the sun is at its hottest and bearing down on your vehicle, the interior can heat up very quickly. In fact, in 70 degree weather, after only an hour, the interior of your vehicle can reach 113 degrees! Imagine for a moment just how hot the interior would be if it was 95 degrees out; all of that heat is now trapped inside your vehicle like a bubble. With WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors, the windows can be cracked open to allow that trapped hot air to escape and let the car "breathe". These rain guards are crafted from the finest 3mm acrylic material available and precision-machined to perfectly fit your vehicle's window channel. Installation is quick and easy, with no exterior tape needed.

side window deflectors on Toyota Tundra

Summer Getaway Product 2: CargoTech

For any trip, the use of your cargo area is almost inevitable, especially for bulky items such as coolers, luggage, or toys. Offered as a set of four, our CargoTech Cargo Containment System works to keep cargo of all different shapes and sizes from shifting and sliding all over your trunk area. It creates a durable plastic "fence" with a super-grippy underside to ensure your goods remain stable on both regular trunk carpeting and our Cargo Liner. CargoTech is definitely something you’ll want to add for added peace of mind during your summer trips!

cargotech holding bags of takeout

Summer Getaway Product 3: CarCoasters

When summer rolls around, that means the heat is on! Just like your vehicle needs coolant to keep itself cool, so does your body. Staying hydrated with cold drinks during the summer is essential to keeping yourself healthy, but what happens when those cold drinks start to sweat? All of that condensation has to go somewhere, and thanks to gravity, dripping down is the only option. Our Car Coasters feature a deep cup design with added sidewall protection that covers the bottom and sides of your cup holder, just like our FloorLiners. They are also manufactured with a unique textured and ribbed pattern that ensures your drink will never get stuck, they allow your beverage(s) to perspire while raising it away from the mess. Clean up is also a summer breeze with specialized finger handles that are molded into the sides, so you never touch the mess.

car coasters catching coffee spill in vehicle

Summer Getaway Product 4: CupFone

One of the most important steps for any summer trip is knowing where you’re going. The saying "getting there is half the fun" can easily have a changed tone should you be steered in the wrong direction while trying to navigate. Luckily, we have thought of such a device that helps to keep your navigation and phone access all in one, hands-free place. The WeatherTech CupFone is a mobile phone holder that sits conveniently in any vehicle’s cup holder. Fully adjustable tilt and rotation allows you to easily see your favorite navigation app while using hands-free voice commands and calls. You can leave your phone plugged in with the open access bottom, and you can accessorize with our colored billet knobs! Have a larger phone, or want your phone presented in landscape mode while heading to the beach? We’ve got your back. Our CupFone XL, and CupFone Two-View are also available! So don’t get stuck in the sand; let CupFone guide the way!

phone charges in cup fone

Summer Getaway Product 5: SunShade

You’ve probably had a windshield sunscreen that is flimsy and folds up like an accordion at one point or another. Their main issue, however, is that f-word -- flimsy. They simply do not hold up in the window or keep much heat out at all due to the basic fitment they provide. The WeatherTech SunShade is unique in that they are custom fit for your vehicle. Each SunShade features a foam core, which makes for easy handling and a sturdy fit in vehicle windows and windshields, and when properly installed, they remain snug in each window opening. Its dual-purpose design helps keep vehicles cool in the summer, and in the winter, also helps warm up interiors and avert frost build-up. We recommend using our SunShade along with our Side Window Deflectors to help keep the interior of your vehicle about 20 degrees cooler on those hot summer days!

sun shade covers car in desert heat

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