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Tips for Surviving Your Long Commute

cupfone installed in car

Now that many people are headed back into the office, you may find yourself in the swing of commuting. Depending on your location, you may face increased traffic, inclement weather, or long distances that makes your commute longer than you’d like. The good news is there are several ways to make your transition back into a long commute more manageable! Check out our best tips to jazz up your drive.

  1. Listen to Music, Audiobooks or Your Favorite Podcast
    A long commute is the perfect time to dive into the most recent episode of your favorite podcast, the latest bestseller or that new album you’ve been meaning to listen to! It’s the perfect activity for starting your day off on a positive note. Is the car next to you looking at you funny as you’re jamming out? They’re just jealous!

  2. Chat With Friends or Loved Ones
    It’s tough to find time to keep up with friends and family that all have busy schedules. A long commute is the perfect time to catch up with a friend or a loved one. Not only will they appreciate the call, but it will help the time go by faster!

  3. Plan Your Day
    Got a big presentation, important project or busy day ahead? Using your commute time to think through practice presentations or make a mental to-do list is a great way to ensure you’ll arrive to work feeling confident and prepared! 

  4. Carpool
    Creating a carpool system is a great way to save on gas, and it can be nice to have some company. If you’re looking for the perfect carpool companion, WeatherTech’s CupFone Duo is the best way to use multiple devices on your commute. The driver can focus on hands-free navigation, while the passenger can curate the perfect playlist or load up an audiobook!

  5. Make Your Car a Place You Love to Be
    Finding ways to make your vehicle more comfortable is a great way to enjoy the time you spend on the road. If your vehicle needs an upgrade, try these great WeatherTech products and enjoy every ride:

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