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The Art of Content Creation

At WeatherTech, we are all about the user experience. We are always searching for ways to expand the scope of our products and learn more about our customers who use them. Being an American company with 100% American sourced materials assembled by American Workers is what drives us, and what we are all about. A large way in which we incorporate this storytelling is by means of content creators. We love seeing the creative side of social media, and allowing those individuals to incorporate our products into their everyday lives. One such content creator that we have the pleasure of working with is Ian Jones (iansjones). Ian is a content creator and designer whose passion for photography is simply stunning. His eye for detail is unmatched, and his tie to working with WeatherTech has been with his Toyota Tacoma. We reached out to Ian to be a part of our Lifestyle blogs, so he could share his story of how he came to be the creator that he is, along with his gratitude to WeatherTech.

A Toyota Tacoma driving through a mud pit

How did you find your passion for photography/graphic design?

In high school, I had a hard time focusing on the traditional boring subjects, so I was always getting myself into some trouble. I was a huge class clown and loved making people laugh. These traits eventually led me to fail 9th grade. My second go at ninth grade, the high school put me into a half-day off-campus program. This program was a blessing in disguise. We worked with computers, photoshop, photography, and graphic design, and it really allowed my creative side to shine. Eventually, I was scouted by an Art Institute in Pittsburgh. I moved to Pittsburgh after graduation and the rest was history. I learned more, picked up a camera, and really got into it. I didn’t really get into photography ‘til about 5 years ago.

Sponge dropping into WeatherTech Ready-To-Wash bucket

What are your favorite themes, scenes or objects that you enjoy capturing?

I would say some of my favorite themes to capture would be street photography. Or at least my style of street photography. I really love the ability to capture a scene and make it more than it really is. I fall in love with the edits of images. I try to create these scenes of layers and details— details sometimes the viewers don’t even realize they see. A lot of my passions push me to my style of photography. I love to cook and build beautiful meals, so this is probably where my love for food photography comes into play. I enjoy capturing motion and up-close details. I like to try to take boring things and show them from new angles and make them interesting.

Toyota Tacoma driving through snow

What is your favorite WeatherTech product?

My favorite weather tech product? Hands down the FloorLiners. You wouldn’t believe how much a great set of floor liners can add to your vehicle. I am really detail-oriented and I love a clean environment, and the weather tech floor mats do a great job of keeping the floor clean in my truck. The second best would be the hood protector and window deflectors. They really add a subtly aggressive look to my Tacoma.

Water is sprayed onto a side window deflector

Of the WeatherTech products you’ve owned or currently own, which one have you found to be the most helpful with protecting your vehicle?

Like I said above I am going to still go with the floor liners. My truck was basically brand new when I bought it so it was super clean. I like to keep it that way. The floor mats cover almost every inch of exposed floor space. A really awesome product.

A shovel and wood stacked on TechLiner

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