Thanksgiving Travel: A Survival Guide from WeatherTech

 Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away.  Many travel for the holiday to be with family and friends for feasting, football and other traditional festivities.
 Whether you’re just headed down the road or embarking on an hours-long road-trip, WeatherTech has the products you need to get you and your Thanksgiving goodies safely to your destination. 

Here’s your WeatherTech Survival Guide for the holiday.

In an ideal world, your green bean casserole and caramelized sweet potatoes would stay put in the back seat, but we all know that might not always be the case.  Protect your vehicle’s carpet from any unexpected sloppy spills with WeatherTech FloorLiners and a Cargo Liner.  They are designed contain any spill and stop it from ever reaching your floors.  Take that level of protection one step further and try CargoTech, a durable safeguard "fence" with a super-grippy underside to ensure your goods remain in place.  
Taking these steps to protect your floors prepares you for if the unBEANlievable happens. A side dish spill like this would take hours to clean up on your carpet mats! That’s not the case when you have WeatherTech.
So let us help you get to your dinner destination. And take comfort knowing that no matter what makes its way onto your FloorLiners, whether it be legumes or leaves, a quick rinse with the hose will wash all your troubles away, freeing you up to fully enjoy your Turkey Day!