Summer DIY with WeatherTech

While you work through your DIY project list this season, WeatherTech is here to help. Here are 5 products you need to help keep you sane (and keep your car clean) during your endless trips to the hardware store.

 Cargo Liner

Many home projects begin with a quick trip to the store whether its supplies or even swinging into the gardening section. Prevent dust, dirt and mud from collecting in the trunk or cargo area with a Cargo Liner. Raised lip and ridges contain debris making clean up a breeze. A quick rinse of the hose washes away any memory of the mess.   


If your summer projects are hardcore, weekend warrior, kitchen demos, the ultimate protection is needed. Truck beds are great for hauling larger items or debris but they can scratch easily. Protect the paint finish in your truck bed with a TechLiner. TechLiner is a custom fit pickup truck bed and tailgate liner that shields the truck bed against scratches, dents, and paint damage.


The car mats under your feet have seen quite a bit in their day. Everything from dirt, sand, and sawdust have taken up residence on the floors of your vehicle. WeatherTech FloorLiners are laser measured to protect the front, back and even up the sides of your vehicle's footwell. No matter what is tracked in on your shoes or otherwise stays contained in the surface area of the liner. 


How many times have you turned that corner into your neighborhood and the contents of your cargo area just went sliding and tumbled over? Too many times to count you're thinking! As if to lock it all in place on the way home from the hardware store, CargoTech is there to keep everything from moving about. With the help of a super-grippy underside, CargoTech will keep everything in check. 


While it may seem unconventional, Coasters that come in a variety of sizes can be quite helpful when you’re working around the house. Keep your messy paint buckets contained while you quickly add a fresh coat to your walls. Or keep track of loose hardware and tools when assembling things like furniture and shelving!