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This Halloween Save Yourself From the Horrors of a Messy Vehicle

Don’t be haunted by fall messes in your vehicle! The Halloween season is here. It is a season that is full of fun. But with the fun can come messes and spills that will give you chills! So let’s get your vehicle ready!

The WeatherTech FloorLiner installed in a vehicle with melted and smashed Halloween candy on it.

Ghouls and Goblins in the Back Seat

Around Halloween, little monsters, ghouls and goblins may sneak into your back seat. They can quickly turn your clean vehicle into a big mess. Muddy footprints, candy spills, abandoned wrappers and more can cover all surfaces. From the seats, to the carpet floors, to the ceiling – no surface is safe. We want to save you from ever having to do a search for, "How to remove a melted candy bar from carpet mats."WeatherTech FloorLiners to the rescue! Any spills can quickly be rinsed away with water and a mild detergent. Your floors will have full coverage protection. To stop stains and spills on your seats, we offer a water-repellent Seat Protector. Your seat surfaces stay clean and pristine beneath the Seat Protector. It is machine washable too!

Witch’s Brew in the Trunk

The WeatherTech CargoLiner with a Jack-o-lantern hovering over it.

Whether you are carting around your cauldron of steaming witch’s brew, freshly picked pumpkins or some BOOtiful fall flowers, your cargo area is at risk of some monstrous messes. When the WeatherTech custom-fit Cargo/Trunk Liner is in place, you don’t have to worry. The Cargo Liner has a raised lip to keep messes contained.

Wicked Vehicle Protection

WeatherTech FloorLiner with witch's boots and a halloween cookie on it.

Your vehicle is now ready for a fantastic season full of fearsome fun. With WeatherTech in your vehicle, you will be ready for any "oops" moments. Our products stand up to everyday wear and tear too. When you buy WeatherTech, you’re getting the highest quality automotive accessories. We stand behind our products with our Lifetime Limited Warranty. Happy Halloween!