New Car Buyers: Essential Products to Protect Your New Investment 

So you just purchased yourself a new car- it's either brand new or just new to you. It still has that new car smell, has been freshly detailed, and maybe even still has those ‘place feet here’ paper mats. When pulling off the lot, protecting your new investment should be one of the first things that crosses your mind. Whether you plan on having the car short term or are thinking about the cars future trade in value, WeatherTech has you covered. Here are the WeatherTech essentials for protecting your new investment.

1. FloorLiners

FloorLiners are laser measured to protect the front, back and even up the sides of your vehicle's footwell. No matter what is tracked in on your shoes, FloorLiners will protect your vehicle. Many customers rave that the carpet underneath the FloorLiners looks brand new even after use. 


2. Cargo Liner

Cargo Liners are custom fit, laser measured cargo trunk mats designed to keep spills and dirt away from the back of your vehicle’s interior. Sometimes that area can get forgotten about when it comes to keeping things clean. Between gear, groceries, or miscellaneous items things back there can take a beating. A cargo liner makes all of those things hassle free later on. 


3. TechCare

Keeping the rest of your vehicle clean is just as important!  Our TechCare Auto Detailing & Cleaning Products feature everything from Gentle Care Shampoo to premium Interior and Exterior Detailing Kits. Also the TechCare FloorLiner and FloorMat Cleaner/Protector will keep your FloorLiners and Cargo Liner looking brand new!