It’s Moving Day: Making the Most of Your Vehicle for a Move

With fall fast approaching, many are preparing to move into college dorms or even a new apartment. Lots of preparation has gone into searching for the prefect place.
The mission for moving is to pack as much as you can in as few trips as possible. If you’re being economical and skipping the moving companies, it’s important to make the most of the space that you have available in your vehicle.
When the day comes to make the big move, let WeatherTech protect your car from boxes and bulky furniture. 
WeatherTech FloorLiners along with the Cargo Liner catch debris, preventing it from inhabiting the carpet. Just a quick shake out makes clean up easy.
Use the RackSack to load up lighter items to free up space inside the car. The RackSack adds 13 cubic feet of cargo carrying capacity!
For those items that you don’t want to spill over, try CargoTech! With CargoTech, you can ensure your precious houseplants  and other valuables don’t tip over and roll around the back while you drive.
And when you finally sit down amongst the tower of boxes surrounding you in your new place, you’ll be glad that you trusted WeatherTech to help make your move more manageable. WeatherTech FloorLiners, Cargo Liners and even Seat Protectors ensure a clean vehicle, free of casualties after the big moving day.