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Is There Anything Better Than That New Car Feeling?

Now more than ever, the idea of a clean vehicle gives us a sense of confidence, safety and accomplishment, which is why we strive for it every week. Our cars and trucks tend to be magnets for the spills and splashes of coffee and soda, long lost snacks and french fries, and of course the dust, mud and muck that every season brings.

Clean and dirty floorliner

When it comes to a dirty car, we’ve all been there. You might take a look around while you’re sitting at a stop light and say to yourself "Wow, I really need to clean this out; those cracker crumbs in the back are starting to become one with the seat!" Well, the same can be said for your exterior after a hard rainfall when your vehicle is spackled in dusty dirt. Ensuring you clean and detail your vehicle in the most efficient way possible will yield outstanding results for your car and your driving experience – resulting in that "new car" feeling all year long!

Bucket next to person washing car washing mitt washing car

The upside? WeatherTech’s TechCare® products make cleaning and detailing easier and more effective than ever. TechCare is specifically made for the WeatherTech products in your vehicle, so you can trust that you’re keeping your FloorLiners, Cargo/Trunk Liners, and any exterior protective products in tip-top condition. But TechCare also helps protect your exterior paint, leather or cloth seats, keeps your carpet clean, and even helps keep windows from fogging! Crumbs, sticky door handles, and germy steering wheels quickly become a thing of the past.


Some details on TechCare’s product offerings:

  • TechCare FloorLiner and FloorMat Cleaner's environmentally-friendly biodegradable formula lifts and removes scuff marks, dirt, sand and other messes from your floor mats without compromising your floor mat's quality and finish.
  • TechCare FloorLiner and FloorMat Protector adds a strong and durable anti-slip finish to your floor mats that resist stains and every day wear and tear and contains an eco-friendly biodegradable formula.
  • TechCare Interior Detailer is designed to easily clean vehicle interior surfaces and its mild formula makes it safe to use on virtually all plastic, vinyl, painted metal, chrome and fabrics.
  • TechCare Leather Conditioner with Aloe Vera removes dirt and other impurities from automotive leather and vinyl surfaces and also helps protect and maintain these surfaces.
  • TechCare Carpet Cleaner with SpotTech uses a safe formula that helps to remove stains from vehicle carpets and cloth interiors and also fights odors from stains and spills. Through its SpotTech formula, the Carpet Cleaner also repels future spots and stains from ruining your vehicle's carpet.
  • TechCare Interior Glass Cleaner keeps vehicle windows clear, eliminates film buildup, and prevents interior glass surfaces from streaking and fogging even in the harshest of temps.
  • Ready-to-Wash Bucket System is an all-in-one solution to provide your vehicle with the professional shine it deserves. The system includes a bucket, Roll & Wash dolly, a vented lid seat, an insert to prevent debris from making its way to vehicle surfaces and a wash mitt holder.

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