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Automotive Detailer Tips

When it comes to a dirty car, we’ve all been there. You might take a look around while sitting at a stop light and say to yourself "Wow, I really need to clean this out; those cracker crumbs in the back are starting to become one with the seat!" The same can be said after a hard rainfall or heavy snow, when salt and dirt have accumulated on your exterior. Making sure you detail your vehicle in the most efficient and cautious way possible will yield satisfactory for your car. With the right products and technique, you can experience that "new car feeling" all year long!

clean and dirty floorliner side by side

Whether you are an experienced detailer or someone who is wanting to try it for themselves for the first time, detailing mistakes can happen to anyone at any time. We took this into consideration when asking Automotive Detailers on Instagram, not only to learn from them and what they’ve seen, but also to pass that information along to you so that you know what not to do and to feel more comfortable with detailing your own vehicle. We asked the following questions.

What is your favorite part to detail on a vehicle?

Instagram personality @ruhdiculusdetails had this to say:

"I love detailing the exterior on a car but the biggest satisfactory job on a car is the interior. Cleaning the liners from dirty to looking brand new is the biggest transformation and it makes everyone say ‘Wow!’ when they see it."

When asked the same question, Instagram personality @thedetailhanger had this to say:

"One of my favorite parts to detail on a vehicle is the paint. Washing and bringing a dirty vehicle back to clean is one of the most amazing things. Vehicles that have metallic or even vibrant colors just really stand out."

Floorliner being cleaned with soap and water

What one detailing mistake do you advise against?

Instagram personality @david_details said:

"The biggest detailing mistake I’d advise against is using a high shine protectant on your dashboard as it results in lots of glare while driving in the sunlight. Definitely use a protectant that dries with a matte finish."

When Instagram personality @shimmerdetail was asked the same question, they said:

"Advise against setting unrealistic expectations with your clients. Some vehicles are too heavily scratched to get 100% of the imperfections out without seriously impacting the clear coat. Be clear about what percentage of improvement you can provide and then over deliver a little if you can."

With the use of our TechCare® line of products, along with some of the knowledge and insight provided by the professionals, you too can be your own detailer and make your car look brand new inside and out! From our Exterior Glass Cleaner with Repel to our Leather Conditioner with Aloe Vera, we have everything to get you started!

Person cleaning interior of a car

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