How To Successfully Host a Summer Barbeque

Summer is here and there are cookouts galore! If you are ready to host your own summer barbeque, here are some things to keep in mind to make the food fest a success!
People barbecuing
The Prep
Getting your home and yard ready can feel overwhelming at first. Make things easier by creating a to-do list. When possible, divide tasks between everyone in the household. If you are hosting solo, then get organized early to help ensure preparations run smoothly. There are three main areas to focus on for your preparations.
The Yard: If the outdoor area of your home will be a main gathering point for your BBQ, consider segmenting your yard into "stations." There is a station for cooking, for serving food and chilled beverages, for guests to sit and eat or socialize, and for any yard games. If the weather is clear, you can set up these areas the night before, creating less work for you the day of the event. 
The Home: If people will be trekking in and out of your house, that foot traffic can quickly drag dirt, mud and debris inside. Strategically placed doormats can help minimize the mess entering your home on your guests’ shoes. WeatherTech IndoorMats and BootTrays are great for setting down shoes. The WeatherTech OutdoorMat has rigid cones to help scrape any mess from the bottom of a shoe before they enter your home. After guests leave, you can simply hose off these mats and they look like new again. A perk of keeping your BBQ outdoors is that cleaning your house is an easier task. Just a quick cleaning of communal areas and your house should be set for your event. 
Doorway with IndoorMat
The Shopping List: Planning a menu ahead of time and making a shopping list can make a world of difference when you are at the grocery store gathering all of the supplies you need for your party.
Get everything home without any mishaps with the help of WeatherTech Cargo Liner and CargoTech.
CargoTech with Reusable Grocery Bags
The Menu
For maximum enjoyment, keep the menu simple. Classic grilling items like burgers, hot dogs and sausages can be easily personalized with an assortment of toppings. If you know your guest's food preferences, you can plan accordingly. Grilling foods is fast and keeps the house from overheating from having the oven on for long periods of time. Smoking meats in a smoker is another great way to make large quantities of food for a big group of people. It requires minimal labor, which allows you to enjoy your party to the fullest.
If the weather is hot, be sure to get plenty of ice to keep drinks cool, especially if you are storing them outside. Arrange coasters by likely gathering spots to prevent drink condensation from leaving water rings on your furniture. WeatherTech Coasters come in a variety of sizes, are stackable, and can be used as hot pads for warm items on your menu too! 
Coasters with iced tea
The Entertainment
Similar to a simple menu, sticking with the basics for entertainment is often better than trying to force too much activity on your guests. Popular yard games in one area, seating in another, and some music in the background sets the mood for fun, socializing and conversation. If there will be kids running around the party, try to incorporate an activity that they can take part in too. 
The Cleanup
Similar to party prep, cleanup goes best when divided and conquered. If you spot a friend or family member cleaning up something during the party or volunteering to stay late to help clean, let them. Tackling the cleanup is easier and more fun when done together. 
With that, you are all set for a successful summer cookout!