How to Plan for a Winter Road Trip 

Finally, the snow has fallen, and there is fresh powder coating the ground. The timing is perfect to set out on a winter road trip. Whether you’re planning on hitting the slopes, or just looking to have a little fun with friends or family outdoors, there can be much to consider. Before you throw everything in your vehicle and hit the road, make sure it’s ready for the trip. Here is how to prep your car for your winter trip.
Vehicle on mountainside

1. Plan Your Packing

It’s important when traveling to plan out your packing. Especially during snowy driving conditions, the last thing you want is for your cargo to shift while you’re driving and cause any distraction. To ensure your cargo is secured in place, utilize the CargoTech Containment System to secure sporting equipment and luggage. And for extra protection from slushy sports equipment, protect your cargo area with a Cargo Liner.

2. Cover the Captain & Co-Pilot

Now that you’ve planned and packed your cargo area, it’s time to consider the other areas that will be exposed to snow and slush. Every time you stop to fill up on your drive or take a break from your sport to warm up, you track in snow and grime and risk dirting your car’s unprotected carpets. Instead of worrying over the mess you may make, protect your floors with WeatherTech FloorLiners. Any melting snow is easily emptied on the go.

3. Ready Your Cargo Rack

Chances are you might run out of room in your trunk or inside your cargo area. If this is the case, plan to pack the cargo rack on top of your vehicle. The WeatherTech RackSack expands your cargo carrying capacity a whopping 13 cubic feet and measures 39″ x 32″ x 18″.  And yes, it’s water repellent and tear resistant! To safely load and unload your roof rack, consider a WeatherTech BumpStep. It also protects your vehicle’s bumper from bumps, dents and scratches due to careless drivers. 

4. Battery Backup

When travelling in freezing climates, perhaps the best things to prepare for are the worst possibilities. You never want to get stuck in a situation when your car has sat for a few days in the cold and now is not starting for you. The 4 Amp 12V/6V switchable WeatherTech Battery Charger is designed to lengthen the life of lead acid batteries through its high performance charging functions.  
 WeatherTech products in use
Whether it’s skiing in the Rocky Mountains or a small local hill, no matter where your adventures take you, WeatherTech will help you get there.