Hitting the Road for Fall Activities

When most people think of fall they may think sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and fun fall activities. During September and October, many head outdoors to enjoy apple picking, pumpkin patches, and taking in the changing fall foliage. In fact, many people will travel many miles to witness leaves changing colors each year. There is more to that fall foliage than most may think. If you’re curious and find yourself in the mood to travel and immerse yourself in those fall colors, there’s a term for that!
Leaf peeping
[leef peep-ing] 
The informal term in the United States for the activity in which people travel to view the fall foliage in areas where leaves change colors in autumn. 
Whether on the roads of New England or in the mountains out west, leaves are changing, the air is cooler and skies are bright. Setting your sights on your leaf peeping journey ahead, whether a first-timer or seasoned pro, some planning is required. First, decide on the destination. There are many beautiful spots to witness the autumn colors across the US. Some places draw massive crowds every year, while others attract more of a local audience. Then, decide how you are going to get there. Road-tripping in the fall can be a wonderful way to travel. The summer travel rush is tapering off, and you’re more likely to avoid extreme temperatures and other unpleasant driving conditions. Whether you’re driving near or far, WeatherTech accessories can help make the drive smoother.
The WeatherTech BumpStep XL is an oversized trailer hitch mounted bumper protector. It can save you from any unforeseen incidents with your bumper. You can also use it as a step to reach the top roof of your vehicle too to load and unload items from your cargo rack. Or if you drive a truck it provides you with a quick step to access items in your truck bed. 
WeatherTech Hood Protector features a sleek and low profile design but is built to withstand anything the road throws at it. Protect the hood of your vehicle from rocks and bugs on highways or back-roads. 
Keep the windows cracked while you travel to let that autumn air in with WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors. They also help with that road noise you’re used to when you drive with open windows.
When you head out for leaf peeping or other fall activities, we want you to enjoy your drive as much as you enjoy these other autumn activities.