Get Your Car Camping Ready

Summer is near, the weather has started to look up, and everyone is ready for a getaway. No matter where you’re headed, WeatherTech can help you protect your vehicle.
 Jeep at campsite          
If you look forward to the time of year that you can head out into nature and unplug for a bit, we want to make sure you are fully prepared. When you are making your list of what to bring for your camping trip, you may be forgetting some essential gear. You have the tent, food, hiking gear, and cooler packed, but what are you going to use to keep your car protected?
It is no surprise that the outdoors can get messy. Mud, dirt, and gravel dust can find their way onto your shoes, clothes and camping gear. Weather can amplify these messes. That can mean dirty shoes, dusty gear, and muddy supplies can be making their way home in your car. 
So here is some essential gear for your car when you head out on your next camping trip:
WeatherTech FloorLiners shield your vehicle floors from the dirt and debris you are dragging in on your shoes. They line the interior carpet to give you complete vehicle protection where it counts. 
You can keep the car windows cracked while you travel to let that spring air in with WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors. They also help with that irritating road noise you hear when your windows are down on the open road.
If you need a helpful step when loading/unloading all of your gear, the WeatherTech BumpStep XL is ready to give you a boost. It is an oversized trailer hitch mounted bumper protector. It can save you from any unforeseen incidents with your bumper, and provide you with a step to access items from your cargo rack. If you drive a truck, it provides you with a quick step to access items in your truck bed. 
When it comes to packing your vehicle, your cargo area is probably the most essential area for holding all of your required camping basics. Protect this area with a Cargo Liner to contain any dirt or debris that may appear.  
With your car fully equipped with WeatherTech gear, coming home from a camping trip is a painless experience. Unload your camping equipment, and if there is any mess inside your vehicle on your FloorLiners or Cargo Liner, you can quickly wash it away with the spray of the hose! 
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