Fun Places to Take Your Dog this Summer

Owning a dog brings a lot of joy into your life. Dogs are so much more than a pet; they’re a part of the family. You wouldn’t want to make it hard on yourself by leaving your dog at home while the rest of the family spends a day out of the house enjoying the warm weather— why not bring them with! Realistically, you can’t take your dog with you everywhere you go; however, when you’re just looking for a fun way to spend your free time on a day trip, here are some places to take your dog this summer that the whole family can enjoy.
Dog in back seat
Spend the Day at a Dog Friendly Beach
Not sure where you can find a dog friendly beach in your area? Don’t worry! You can find a list of beaches online across the United States that allow pets. This summer take your beloved pet along with you to enjoy some fun in the sun! You’ll have a blast running up and down the sandy beaches or playing frisbee with your furry best friend. Don't live near a beach? No worries, look for trails and forest preserves in your area where the family can enjoy hiking, picnics and more!   
Visit a Dog Friendly Restaurant
Many restaurants offer outdoor dining where your pet can actually sit by the table just like when you’re eating at home. The single low feeding system is a perfect accessory to bring to the restaurant, so your pet feels like it's eating with you too! Online you can find a list of some of the restaurants in your area where dogs are welcome. The next time you decide to dine out, look for a dog friendly restaurant where your pet can join you.
Keep Your Car Clean During Doggy Day Trips
Many may be hesitant to take their dogs along with them in the summer because of the mess a dog can bring into your car. WeatherTech will protect your car when you’re ready to head out! The WeatherTech Cargo Liner and Seat Protector shield your vehicle against dirty paws, shedding and drool. The WeatherTech Pet Barrier and PetRamp are designed specifically for your pet to help them in the back of your car and keep them safe and secured. These simple additions are perfect for your doggy day trips with the family!  
 Kids walking a dog
Summers are made for outdoor fun, so why not share this time with your pets?  As people become more attached to their four-legged companions, more and more places are becoming dog friendly, which means you don’t always have to leave them behind anymore — yay! Take your dog with you on your day trips, and the whole family can enjoy a wonderful summer together.