Father's Day Gifts From Man's Best Friend

Dear Human,
My BFF deserves nothing but the BEST this Father's Day. Since my fur, paws, and drool may create the occasional mess, I have picked out some pet friendly items to calm your nerves and protect your car!
For starters, I know that my muddy paws have been a problem lately, but the FloorLiner & Cargo Liner will solve that! The custom engineered channels will trap any water, mud, or debris and keep it off your carpet. 
The Seat Protector is perfect for me and the mini humans in the backseat or when I call shotgun! It is a much needed accessory to prevent scratches or spills that can ruin the seat surface.
Don't forget the PetRamp! You won’t have to strain your back lifting me in or out of the car anymore. It’s a simple folding ramp that is portable and stable.
Finally, when I get a little too excited, the Pet Barrier is adjustable, expandable, and easy to install to keep me safely in the rear of the vehicle. 

 Happy Fathers Day! I can't wait to celebrate with daily car rides!



Your furry friend!