Does Your Truck Pass the Winter Warrior Test?

Winter is here, but is your truck a Winter Wimp or a Winter Warrior? Use this quick checklist to make sure your truck is properly ‘teched’ out in the most durable armor around.

1. Tackle winter head on

Winter is the most dangerous time of the year for your vehicle. With all those salt trucks out, flying stones and salt chunks pose a threat for your windshield. With the Hood Protector from WeatherTech, your truck is well equipped with a helmet as the first piece of its Winter Warrior armor.
 Hood Protector on truck

2. Prevent carpet permafrost

All that salt and snow can serve up quite the blow to your vehicle’s body. Like a true warrior, FloorLiners take these blows like a custom fit chest plate (so your carpets don’t have to!).
FloorLiner in Truck

3. Armor your bed against unwelcome scratches

If you’re planning on using the bed of your truck for winter hauls, don’t let the elements wreak havoc on your precious paint! Shield your truck bed with TechLiner.

4. Defend your fenders

What’s a true warrior without his or her defenses? Your truck sees a lot of mud and muck out on the roads and winter promises rust for traditional fender applications. Help protect your fenders from damage and rust with our no-drill MudFlaps.

5. Cover your tail

We all know that ice can get the best of drivers during this frigid time of the year. Protect your truck’s tail with a BumpStep! It is the best step-bumper protection available against bumps, dents and scratches to your vehicle’s bumper due to careless drivers.

6. Organize backseat clutter

Things can get hectic in the backseat and to keep everything organized WeatherTech created the NEW Under Seat Storage System. A custom-fit pickup truck storage bin that fits underneath your rear seat to keep all of your essentials organized. Available for several Chevrolet Silverados with more vehicles becoming available soon.

Forget ‘Winter is Coming’, Winter is HERE! Get your winter warrior suited up and don’t let winter win the battle!