Coast Through Life With WeatherTech’s Car & Drink Coasters

weathertech coasters with drinks on top on patio table
No matter the season, you may like to enjoy a nice refreshing beverage! But then you remember your middle school science teacher telling you that when the hot air comes in contact with a cold glass, condensation appears. Oh no! You don’t want condensation leaving water rings on your table. If only there was something that you could put in between the glass and the surface… *WeatherTech Coasters Enter the Chat*


Want to get rid of those dingy plastic plant saucers? Worried about water rings? Well then you are in for a treat. WeatherTech Coasters are the perfect solution for protecting your tabletops, countertops and other surfaces from water stains, scratches and even burns. These handy coasters come in five sizes: 4", 6", 8", 10’’ and 12". Then you get to pick from these awesome color choices: black, tan, grey and even terra cotta. Use them as an arts and crafts tray, under your potted plants, or even as a place mat. These coasters are high quality and high stylin’.

plant on top of weathertech coasters


All vehicles have cup holders, but does yours have soft rubber-like removable coasters in the bottom of them to catch drips, condensation or general muck? If your answer is no, don’t worry; WeatherTech has you covered, even on the go! CarCoasters are there to catch all kinds of crumbs and other debris. These coasters catch and hold messes others can’t. The best part about them is they are easy to clean! Just lift the CarCoasters out of your cup holders and rinse off the mess.

weathertech carcoasters installed in car

Floor Mat Drink Coasters

Planning on hosting a backyard barbeque this summer? Want to protect your patio furniture? Strike up a conversation with Floor Mat Drink Coasters. They’re perfect for any auto enthusiast or for anyone who wants to brag about their WeatherTech Floor Mats. Their unique design mimics our All-Weather Floor Mats. Aside from the cool design, we ensure our great quality on all products. Just ask our customers! "I use a large glass with a lot of ice, and it sweats a lot, and these coasters hold all the liquid without any trouble, absolutely the best coasters I have ever used."

cup on top of weathertech floor mat drink coaster

FloorLiner Drink Coasters

Just as much as we love our All-Weather Mats, we love our bestselling FloorLiners! We even have a coaster to prove it. Our FloorLiner coasters protect surfaces from spills, scratches, watermarks and burns, while containing the mess. Just like the FloorLiners you have in your vehicle!

glass on top of weathertech flooorliner coaster

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