Celebrate Dad this Father’s Day

For many people, Father’s Day this year might look a little different. Instead of celebrating dad with a backyard BBQ, you might have to think a bit outside the box to help give dad a special Father’s Day this year.

Schedule a Virtual Get-Together

 Virtual get together's with Dad are a great way to celebrate Father's Day
Even though you might not be able to be there in person, you can still make a virtual appearance! There are plenty of easy-to-use video conferencing apps and software for smartphones, tablets and computers that make getting together easy! There are also tons of different ways to help make your virtual get-together special. Here are just a few things you can do to help make this year stand out:
  • Host a watch party for dad’s favorite show or movie:Popular streaming services offer extensions that will allow you to host a watch party with friends and family. If there’s a show or movie that dad really loves, plan on watching that together.
  • Cook or bake dad’s favorite meal:Or, if dad wants to try something new, there are tons of cooking videos available online. Pick up all the ingredients you’ll need and schedule a time to jump on a virtual hangout and follow the recipe together!
  • Play some games:Some video conferencing software offers you the ability to play some games together. There are also tons of online/virtual versions of just about any game you can play, so chances are you’ll be able to find something to play together.
No matter what you decide to do on your video call, you can help make it easier for yourself and dad with a WeatherTech DeskFone. This easy-to-use mobile phone holder can be used on just about any flat surface to help dad stay hands-free while catching up.

For a Special Non-Virtual Father’s Day:

 Father and son washing dad's car together. 
If a virtual/video get-together isn’t really your thing, or dad’s thing, don’t fret. There’s still some ways you can make this father’s day special.
  • Drop off a meal for dad:cook up dad’s favorite meal and deliver it right to his door with everything he’d need to thoroughly enjoy! Maybe add-on dad’s favorite dessert as well.
  • Order from his favorite restaurant:If you’re not super confident in your cooking skills, find out if dad’s favorite restaurant is open and delivering. Order up his favorite meal and have it delivered right to him!
  • Organize a Father’s Day parade:Schedule a time for family members and close friends to drive by dad’s house. Decorate vehicles with posters or streamers!
  • Clean and wash dad's car:Thoroughly washing and cleaning dad’s ride is a simple and great way to show how much he means to you and is definitely something he would appreciate. WeatherTech has everything you need to help get this job taken care of; make sure to check out our full line of TechCare Auto Detailing and Cleaning Products.
  • Outfit his vehicle:While you’re cleaning his car, take a moment to sneak in a new set of WeatherTech FloorLiners, or drop a new WeatherTech CupFone into his vehicle as an extra-special surprise. Or if that’s not possible, ship them right to dad's front door!

More Gifts Dad will Love This Father’s Day:

 Father and son washing dad's car together. 
Don’t just settle for a tie and socks this Father’s Day, here’s some spectacular gift ideas that are sure to get him smiling.
Cargo/Trunk Liner – Help dad keep his cargo/trunk area safe when hauling mulch, topsoil and anything else he needs to get his summer projects done!
Seat Protector – Keep dad’s seats protected during family road trips, chauffeuring the family pet and more!
All-Purpose Mat – Perfect for the garage, kitchen, outdoor grilling area and more!
CarCoasters – These coasters fit right into dad’s vehicle’s cup holders and catch the messes others can’t.