Car Accessories to Make Your Life Easier 

This holiday season things can get hectic. From shopping trips to holiday parties you might end up spending more time in the car than you would prefer. Not only does WeatherTech offer a complete line of interior and exterior protection products for your vehicle, there also are a few great items that can make any drive just a little bit easier. Here are a few of those top products!   

CupFone™ - A must-have to hold your phone in place on the road 

Where do you keep your phone while in the car? When using GPS? The CupFone is a mobile phone holder that sits conveniently in your vehicle’s cup-holder. Its fully adjustable tilt and rotation allows you to easily see your favorite app like Navigation or Waze when on the road. It makes hands free voice commands easy to use along with hands free telephone calls. Your phone can stay plugged in while it is in the holder too. 

CarCoasters - Contain those coffee drips 

It’s always a pain when cup holders get gross and sticky. Thankfully, WeatherTech has you covered with our CarCoasters! These coasters catch and hold messes others can’t, allowing you to lift them out with ease when it's time to clean. These cutting-edge cup holder protectors are made with the same enviro-friendly TPE material used in our All-Weather Floor Mats.  

CargoTech - To help hold your rolling cargo items in place 

Have you ever had random items shifting around in your trunk, and you were annoyed that there’s not an easy way to contain them? Well, WeatherTech CargoTech trunk and cargo area containment system is designed to help organize trunk area cargo, such as groceries, coolers, gym bags, sporting equipment, luggage and more. And with the help of a super-grippy underside, CargoTech will help prevent any of your cargo from sliding around. 

BumpStep - Give you a boost and cover your tail  

When reaching into the back of your SUV or truck, it can be a far lean. The WeatherTech BumpStep will give you that extra step to reach all the items in your trunk. Also protect your vehicle's bumper! It is the best step-bumper protection available against bumps, dents and scratches to your vehicle’s bumper due to careless drivers.