Can you spray paint WeatherTech floor mats?

Living in Color

When it comes to the individuality of each person's interests, hobbies and ideals, they are what help shape us into the unique beings we are. Within the creative side of us is the need for color whether it be on the walls in our homes, the color of one's eyes or hair, or simply the color of our cars. At WeatherTech, we take the latter route of color with our floor mats and other vehicle accessories by complementing the interior color of your specific vehicle.

black floor liner in vehicle

Neutral Color Pallets

With vehicles today, a more modern and neutral approach to color pallets has been the predominant focus with both exterior and interior styling. With our All-Weather Mats, FloorLiners, and CargoLiners, the four colors that we offer that pair along with these interior hues are Black, Cocoa, Tan and Grey. A common question we receive every so often is whether our products can be made with custom order colors, or whether spray paint can be used to paint WeatherTech mats a different color. The short answer to both of these questions is no. We highly advise against the use of paint or spray paint on WeatherTech mats as they can not only ruin the material they are made out of, but will also void your Limited Lifetime Warranty you receive with your purchase.

black cargo liner in cargo area of vehicle

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