Black Friday Shopping for Your Vehicle

Looking for a fantastic gift this holiday season without breaking the bank? WeatherTech offers a wide variety of gift options that everyone can enjoy, and they won’t cost you an arm or a leg this holiday season. Let’s take a quick look at some of these different products:

WeatherTech TechCare®

WeatherTech TechCare products with other gifts under a Christmas tree.

Looking for a great gift for that special someone who seems to be constantly washing his or her car? Look no further than WeatherTech’s complete line of automotive care and cleaning products. Made from the highest-quality ingredients right here in America, TechCare products are all environmentally friendly. Plus, you’ll save money on these products when you purchase one of the multiple TechCare kits that bundle these amazing products together.

Products for Your Home

WeatherTech OutdoorMat covered with snow outside a house in winter time.

WeatherTech protection isn’t just for your vehicle. With our selection of home products, you can give your house all the protection it deserves. The IndoorMat is a heavy-duty non-slip mat for your interior entryway that traps and contains fluid and dirt from traffic. And of course, don’t forget about its outdoor dwelling brother, OutdoorMat. OutdoorMat uses semi-rigid cones to remove mud, dirt and debris from footwear, and the perimeter vents allow liquids to easily drain away. The WeatherTech BootTray is another fantastic solution to help protect your floors this winter season. Specially designed channels allow boots and/or shoes to dry quickly by keeping them away from melting snow or muddy water. And finally, what could be better for under the Christmas tree than something that literally goes under the Christmas tree? The WeatherTech Christmas Tree Mat provides heavy-duty floor protection for carpet, tile and wood floors against scratches, spills and leaks.

License Plate Frames

Red License Plate Frame on a black sedan car.

Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to add a splash of style and some much needed protection to an area of your vehicle most overlooked — your license plate. WeatherTech’s License Plate Frames come in a wide variety of styles from the colorful ClearFrame to the sleek Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame. There’s one to fit every vehicle and every owner.


Santa Claus driving a pick-up truck using a CupFone to hold his mobile device while navigating.

CupFone is a universal cell phone holder that conveniently sits in one of your vehicle’s cupholders. Designed using interchangeable base cups, you can quickly and easily customize the size of a CupFone to fit whatever size cupholder your vehicle has. Fully adjustable tilt and rotation allows you to easily see your favorite app like Navigation or Waze while you’re on the road, and CupFone makes hands-free commands and calling incredibly easy. This is a great gift that will be used every day!


WeatherTech DeskFone being used on a kitchen coutertop to view a recipe.

The DeskFone is a universal mobile phone holder that conveniently sits right on your desktop, tabletop or kitchen countertop. Designed with anti-skid feet that prevent sliding or slipping on smooth surfaces, DeskFone’s unique tripod base makes it incredibly stable. So the holder won’t wobble or shift on its own. The fully adjustable phone holder allows you to set the perfect viewing angle for video calls/chats, watching a video or reading emails and texts. DeskFone elevates your phone above the clutter and keeps it visible, so it won’t get lost on your desk!


WeatherTech Coasters with cookies, milk and a candy cane.

WeatherTech Coasters fuse style with strength and provide the ultimate protection against spills, scratches, watermarks and heat burns. Made using an environmentally friendly material, WeatherTech Coasters use a raised lip design that catches and contains any messes for easy clean-up. Available in a wide variety of sizes, coasters aren’t just for drinks — use them under planters or paint cans, in your kitchen as potholders or spoon holders, to help remove stubborn jar tops and plenty more!


WeatherTech CarCoasters with cookie crumbs and spilled coffee.

CarCoasters are a fantastic addition to just about every vehicle. These soft rubber-like coasters fit snugly into the bottom of your vehicle’s cupholders keeping them safe from drips, spills, muck and more. While most cupholders are difficult to clean, WeatherTech CarCoasters are easy to remove and clean. Featuring a raised outer lip, these coasters catch and hold the messes that others can’t!


Christmas gifts and poinsettas being held in a SUV cargo area with CargoTech.

Find yourself hauling around party supplies, food and gifts this holiday season? CargoTech is there to help protect both your trunk/cargo area and, of course, whatever you happen to be hauling around. The super-grippy underside works even on a standard carpet surface and keeps your cargo locked in place instead of slipping and sliding all over.