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Best Snacks to Bring Along on a Hike

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When you need an energy boost on a hike, having the right snack is imperative. A good hiking snack sustains you on a long trail without adding extra weight or packaging to your pack. It’s also important to consider how perishable your snack is, as you likely won’t bring a cooler on a hike with you. Read on for some of our best hiking snack ideas!


Granola is a great way to pack in some whole grains, fats and necessary sugars to keep you ready to tackle hills and rough terrain. They also provide a boost of fiber to help keep you fuller longer. There are several recipes available, and they can easily be tweaked to meet dietary requirements. Granola can be packed in a pouch or formed into a bar for easy transport. Check out this recipe for inspiration!

Trail Mix

Trail mix is another ideal hiking snack. It is easy to store and filled with necessary sustaining nutrients like protein, carbs and fats. You can find pre-made trail mixes in almost any store, but it is incredibly easy to make your own at home with whatever ingredients you like. Nuts, dried fruit and chocolate are often used, but you can easily adjust the ingredients to create whatever nutrient and flavor profile you need for your next adventure. Here’s a recipe to get you started.


Lightweight, easy to store, and slow to spoil, jerky makes an excellent snack to stash in your hiking pack. Several different kinds are available, and each one provides a boost of protein that feeds your muscles and keeps you full. To make jerky at home, simple choose a protein base, marinate it, and then dry it in a dehydrator or your oven. This can take a while, but the time spent is worth it for a snack on the go. Check out this article that outlines the whole process.

Protein/Energy Bars

Protein or energy bars pack in a ton of nutrition in a small package. Bursting with slow-burning calories, these versatile bars will definitely get you through even the toughest hikes. Protein bars are easy to make at home and customizable to whatever flavors and ingredients you like, and often only require prepping and baking. Here is an article about the benefits of protein bars and some recipe inspiration.

Store-Bought Snacks

If you aren’t savvy in the kitchen or are simply low on time, store-bought snacks are always an option! Most grocery stores carry a large variety of bars, nuts, dried fruit, trail mixes, granolas and jerkies that suit different dietary needs. If you’re looking for a quick bite to take on your next big trip, use this list as inspiration next time you pop into your local grocery store.

So there you have it! This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a great place to start. Remember to also pack a lot of water and a few drinks that balance electrolytes, and you’ll be well on your way to a fully fueled hike.

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