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Benefits of a Standing Desk

ComfortMat at a Standing Desk


Whether you work in the office or remote, there’s no denying the toll that sitting all day can take on your health. Studies show that people who sit eight or more hours per day have increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other complications. Unfortunately, this is a major problem affecting office workers.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to mitigate the issue — the standing desk! Working to improve circulation and increase your energy, the standing desk allows you to perform any office task with your laptop or monitors elevated to eye level while in an upright, standing position. You may have seen one around the office already or own one yourself. Below, we’ll share tips for choosing the right standing desk, and ways to plus yours up if you already own one (we love using an anti-fatigue mat!). Let’s get into it.

Choosing the Right Standing Desk

A few considerations for choosing a standing desk: 

You’ll want dual functionality. Make sure you choose a sit-stand desk that raises and lowers so you can work in a position that makes sense for the task at hand. 

Ease of movement. There are many ways to raise and lower desks, from hand cranks to electric or pneumatic lifts. We find that the latter tend to be the most quiet and easy to use. 

Power. Make sure if you choose a height-adjustable desk that requires power that you can still charge your laptop and phone while standing. 

Leg fatigue. One common complaint from people using sit-stand desks is that they get tired standing. Some strategies include adding a cushioned mat underfoot, and slowly building up your tolerance to working while standing by only doing a little bit at a time. 

Weight. Each desk has its own weight restrictions, so be sure the desk can handle a heavier monitor, tower or anything else you need to keep on the desktop. 

Ways to Plus up Your Standing Desk

Some people find adjusting to a standing desk is difficult. If your back feels tired after some time, it may be worth adding an anti-fatigue mat underneath your work station, such as the WeatherTech ComfortMat. It’s designed with ergonomics in mind and helps reduce stress on your feet, knees and legs while standing. It’s the perfect desk mat partner to your new and improved upright work position!

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