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Bathroom Organization Made Simple

weathertech sinkmat installed under bathroom sink
The bathroom, even though it’s a small room, holds an unbelievable amount of clutter. From soaps to toothbrushes, hair products to lotions, there’s no end to the number of products that we store in our bathrooms. Here are some bathroom organization hacks and tips to help get you organized in no time!

Bathroom Cabinet Organizer Ideas

We’ve all had this issue — you fill up the bathroom cabinets and realize you’re out of space. But the cabinets are tall, so there’s a ton of unused space that you have no access to. Luckily, there’s a lot of bathroom cabinet organizer ideas out there to help!

    • Protect the bottom of your cabinets — Ensure your cabinet is protected from all of the products kept under the sink with the WeatherTech SinkMat Bathroom Vanity.
    • Use cabinet door(s) for hanging organizers — Add hooks and small hangable organizers to hold smaller items that may get lost in a drawer or cabinet. Scissors, nail files, lip balm and more can all be easy to find! Or, hang larger items like hair dryers that take up unnecessary space.
    • Get decorative baskets for open shelving — Does open shelving make your bathroom items look cluttered? Opt for decorative storage solutions that will bring your bathroom organization to the next level! Matching baskets both hide and highlight, making this a bathroom organization hack you can’t live without. Just throw your items in without worrying about the mess. This is the perfect solution for all of those items that you may not use on a regular basis!
    • Use clear bins for closed cabinets — Want to make sure you can take quick inventory of all of your bathroom supplies? Opt for using clear bins and containers for bathroom organization. You can hide them behind cabinet doors and still keep everything in plain sight. They’re perfect for not losing touch with the number of bandages you have, or how many bottles of nail polish are floating around.

Bathroom Sink Top Organizer Ideas

weathertech flextray with straightener and brush on it


Declutter your counters and add a layer of protection for your bathroom counters. The FlexTray keeps your counter organized and safe from hot tools while you’re getting ready. You’ve got the doors and drawers covered; now what about organizing your sink top? While most of us keep our daily use items here out of convenience, this is also one of the surfaces that can make your bathroom look the most cluttered. Here are some bathroom organization tips for keeping sink top items contained!

    • Utilize tiered shelving units — Do you have a small sink top with no space to organize your items? Why not think upwards and try a tiered shelving solution? Tiered shelves come in sizes from small to large and can have two shelves or more to hold your items. When counter space is at a minimum, these can turn empty, unused space into storage you didn’t know you had!
    • Use decorative cups and jars — Cotton balls and swabs can easily take over your sink top, along with other small items. Keep them contained in decorative jars and cups! You can find matching sets at most big box stores, or you can make your own using mason jars. Either way, this bathroom organization idea will keep your must-haves within reach and looking sharp.
    • Keep a small tray on the sink top — Keeping a tray on the bathroom counter can help keep all of those small miscellaneous items in one place. It’s perfect for your jewelry, hair ties, makeup brushes or any other small items that you "forget" to put away. You can get trays in almost any size and style, so there’s definitely one that fits your bathroom organization needs out there! For a foldable, easy-to-clean tray, try the WeatherTech FlexTray!

Bathroom Shower Organization

weathertech soapsaver inside shower

Don’t forget about the shower space! Elevate your soap and make it last longer with the WeatherTech SoapSaver - Shower. This bathroom accessory air dries your bar soap and reduces the mess it leaves behind. Available in clear and white, the SoapSaver is a great addition to any bathroom!

weathertech razorholder with two razors

Our newest product rounds out your shower organization. The RazorHolder securely stores your razors without worrying about them falling or misplacing them. Easily mount this product to your bathroom walls, glass or mirror to keep your space organized.

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