A Day at the Dog Park with WeatherTech

Playtime is an essential part of raising your pup. Giving your dog the opportunity to run around and burn off energy is great for his physical health and mental happiness as well. However, outdoor play can mean your dog may get messy. Whether you take your dog to the dog park or out for another outdoor activity, he may come back muddier and messier than when you left home. But don’t let that discourage you from having outdoor adventures with your favorite four legged friend! 
At WeatherTech, we want you to have a positive experience playing with your dog outdoors. Don’t waste time worrying about what a muddy dog will do to your vehicle after a trip to the dog park. We have created a line of pet friendly WeatherTech products that we want to share with you. So, whether you are headed to the dog park, or just a car ride with your pup, we have the products to make that trip even better for you and your pet.  

Here are a list of great pet friendly items for the human’s car!

The WeatherTech Cargo Liner provides complete cargo area protection from muddy paws. It is digitally designed to fit your vehicle and features a raised lip to keep water and mud off your vehicle’s interior.
The Pet Barrier is adjustable and easy to install to keep pets safe in the rear of your car, SUV or minivan. The WeatherTech engineers developed Pet Barrier using strong yet lightweight materials, offering security for your pet and peace of mind for your travels.
The Seat Protector prevents scratches or slobber stains on the seat surface. It is water-repellent and is quick and easy to install, as well as easily removable for cleaning.
Scout on a seat protector
The WeatherTech Feeding System is great to keep in your vehicle for travel. This pet bowl system comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your pet’s needs. Give your dog a quick drink of water after he’s been running around outside. Our pet bowls are durable and come with an integrated stand and mat so they won’t roll around if you store them in your trunk or cargo area.

At WeatherTech, we hope to continue to bring you products that provide a PAWSitive experience for you and your pets!