Fall Projects for Your Lawn 

Spring and summer may seem like the busiest seasons for lawn care, but there are actually plenty of projects to tackle in the fall too. If you take the time to tend to your lawn and garden in the fall, it can make your yard healthier and heartier come springtime. 

Fall Projects for Your Yard

Here are some yard projects you can add to your to-do list this fall:  
Plant new grass seed in thinning areas of your lawn 
Fertilize your yard
Plant new bulbs or hearty shrubs 
Clean leaves and other debris from your gutters
Prune shrubs and trees
Ready any delicate plants for winter with a wrap or cover
Regularly rake fallen leaves
Aerate your lawn
Add mulch to landscaped areas
We know football season is starting so you may be tempted to just stay indoors cheering on your team during the cooler weather, but there really are some advantages to taking on some of these projects in the fall. It can actually help the growth and health of your plants and yard in the spring.
Many of these projects will probably require a couple of trips to your local hardware or lawn & garden store for supplies and equipment. Make your list of projects you want to take care of this fall. Starting organized can mean less trips to the store, saving you some time. Whether you are picking up rakes, bags of mulch, grass seed, plants, yard bags or other supplies, you could have a pretty full vehicle! These projects can get a little messy, but WeatherTech can equip you with the accessories you need to keep your car clean this fall! 

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Fall Projects

Cargo Liner with Bumper Protector
The WeatherTech Cargo Liner is custom-fit for your specific trunk/cargo area. It is a durable mat that protects your car floors from any of the supplies you are bringing home for your yard projects this fall. It features a raised lip to contain any spills from seeping onto your vehicle floors as well. Add a Bumper Protector to your Cargo Liner for an added layer of protection when loading up the back of your vehicle. You can quickly unroll it when you are loading heavy bags of mulch and other supplies into your cargo area or trunk. Don’t risk scratching up your bumper this fall!
WeatherTech FloorLiners are laser measured for a perfect fit in your vehicle’s footwell. You don’t have to worry about trekking in dirt and other debris on your shoes when you have our FloorLiners installed. They can provide you peace of mind knowing your vehicle floors are protected. And you can easily clean them with a quick spray of the hose. 
Are you bringing home a lot of items from the hardware store to knock out some of your fall projects this weekend? Keep them organized with WeatherTech CargoTech. This cargo containment system keeps things from sliding around in your trunk or cargo area.