5 Backseat Easter Basket Blunders

When your weekend is filled with driving from place to place for egg hunts, Easter baskets and other family festivities, it can take a toll on the inside of your vehicle.


Here are five Backseat Easter Basket Blunders to look out for, especially if travelling with kids this weekend. 

1. Melty Marshmallow Mess
Those sugar-coated, marshmallow chicks may be a traditional treat, but what a mess they can make! As they begin to bake in the warm car, they create a sticky mess on any surface they sit upon.
2. Broken Chocolate Bunny
This sizeable sweet can quickly make a mess. Broken bits of this hollow chocolate confection quickly crumble into vehicle carpets.
3. Lopsided Lilies
Fresh flowers are the epitome of spring. But one quick turn can send them sideways in your car. Dirt, water and petals everywhere!
4. Chocolate Eggsplosion
A chocolate egg with a sweet, sugary filling seems like a perfect Easter basket addition…until it cracks open on your vehicle floor. That makes for an eggstremely icky mess to manage.
5. Easter Basket Blowout
Excited kids like to take stock of their Easter basket items on the drive home, constantly pulling items out and putting them back as they search for the next item to eat. Fake grass and fruit flavored jelly beans fall to the floor where they are quickly forgotten.
While you may not be able to prevent these Easter Basket Blunders from happening, you can protect your vehicle with WeatherTech. With WeatherTech, you can rest assured your vehicle carpet is protected and cleanup will be quick and easy.