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Top 3 Mistakes Made When Cleaning Your FloorLiners or Floor Mats

We often get asked what the best ways are to keep your car mats looking new and lasting the lifetime of the vehicle. The best answer is to make sure that they are properly maintained. Just as your vehicle needs frequent oil changes and tire rotations, your mats need to be cleaned and protected regularly to help keep them in top shape. There are products, however, that can create a slick surface if used, which we highly discourage. The following are the Top 3 Mistakes when it comes to cleaning and protecting your mats.

Mistake #1: Using a Silicone-Based Cleaner

When you think silicone, you probably think shiny, but this almost always means slippery. A common misconception with our floor mats is that the use of silicone-based cleaners will help restore the look of the mats. Not only do we make our own TechCare Cleaner & Protector specifically formulated for our floor mats, but they contain an anti-slip finish after drying. We highly advise against silicone-based cleaners such as Armor All®, Turtle Wax®, etc.

techcare on floorliner with towel

Mistake #2: Not Utilizing our TechCare® FloorLiner™ and Floor Mat Protectant

After you’ve followed our recommend cleaning procedure to remove ground-in dirt and debris and allowing the cleaner to soak in hot water for a while before scrubbing them with a soft brush, we recommend the use of our TechCare FloorLiner and Floor Mat Protectant. This will help to ensure that future dirt and debris stains will not be as deep, as our Protectant spray helps to create a defensive layer between your shoes and the mats themselves, as well as add the anti-slip finish once dried.

techcare protector on floor liner

Mistake #3: Not Vacuuming Off Your Mats Regularly

Part of the maintenance that goes into our floor liners and floor mats is regularly vacuuming off loose gravel, grass, road salt in the winter, or any other debris that happens to find its way in. If this debris is not removed, over time it can become pressed more and more into the material of the mats, thus making them harder to clean later on. We totally get it if you don’t want to hose off your mats when its 20 below out, but a quick vacuum will go a long way come springtime!


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