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How to Organize Your Garage or Workspace with WeatherTech®

Lawnmower on an All Purpose Mat.

Your garage is one of the most multipurpose rooms in your house. Besides being a place to store your vehicle, it’s also where you keep your bikes, set up your shop, work on projects, hang up the sports equipment, and organize all of your garden and car detailing products. Because of this, coming up with unique garage organization ideas is a must. Here are 5 areas to focus on with ideas for garage storage!

Garage Organization Ideas for Projects

With so much going on in one space, it’s easy to forget where you put that item you were just using. Half the battle during a project can be solved by an organized garage and storage. Make sure you keep all of your project parts in one specific area of your garage, whether it’s clearing a dedicated area in a corner, keeping a labelled box for easy to lose items or having a shelf for each project’s parts.

DeskFone Two-View and FlexTray.

Looking for some product ideas for garage organization? Our FlexTray® helps keep tools handy in the garage while they’re in use, providing an easy-to-clean surface that keeps all of those small parts in one spot. For an easy way to watch DIY videos while working on a project, the WeatherTech® DeskFone™ will keep your phone handy and easy to view on any flat surface in your garage.

Garden Supply Garage Storage Ideas

One area where people are always looking for some organized garage inspiration is with landscaping supplies and garden tool storage. Lawn mowers and wheelbarrows are large and difficult to store - not to mention all of the rakes, hoses, shovels, fertilizer and other odds and ends that pile up with each gardening project. And the mess - there’s grass, soil, gas and oil, and sand to worry about.

Make sure you have some good heavy duty wall hooks installed in the wall joists; these are great for organizing long-handled gardening tools and hoses. Some simple garage shelving will help keep all of your chemicals, soil and mulch in one spot. There’s lots of DIY garage shelving ideas online, so you can choose which one is right for you. You can find adjustable pre-made shelving as well that can help with storing items of all sizes.

Close up of a lawnmover on an all purpose mat.

For items that are dirty from a day of hard work or need some maintenance (such as your lawn mower), consider getting a garage floor mat such as our All-Purpose Mat. This provides a great surface to keep grass and mud contained, as well as making sure that gas and oil don’t spill onto your garage floor.

Organized Garage Sports Equipment Storage

Bats, balls, helmets and bikes - all of these normally make their way into the garage with nowhere to put them. Setting up a sports storage section in your garage will make sure you’re ready to play at any time! Footballs, basketballs and soccer balls may not sit well on a shelf. Try putting a tall bin or some laundry hampers against the wall. You can easily hang helmets, bats, hockey sticks and tennis rackets on the wall, and smaller balls like baseballs and tennis balls can be put stored in a small covered box on some shelving along with any other miscellaneous gear you might have. Struggling to store your bikes? Consider either ceiling hooks or wall hooks - just make sure that the hooks are screwed into a joist, so that it can handle the weight.

Red and Black TechCare installed in a garage.

Tool Storage

Having a good tool box in the garage is a must. Not only do they help keep your tools organized in one spot in the garage, they’re also an efficient use of space. With multiple sizes of drawers and shelves, they’ll hold everything from the smallest screwdriver to your circular saw. Before buying one, take an inventory of all the tools you need to keep organized in your garage. This will help to make sure you’re getting the best model for your needs.

Another option is wall storage - hanging up some pegboard above your toolbox is a quick and easy way to keep all your hammers and wrenches handy.

Car Detailing Supplies Storage

A lot of people wash their cars in the driveway. This means there’s buckets, soap, wax, towels and other items that need to be stored and organized in the garage. Getting a good corner cabinet with shelves inside can help keep all these smaller items together and out of sight. Not only that, but with a corner cabinet, you’ll be able to take advantage of that awkward corner space in the garage for storage. Looking to restock on your auto detailing products? Check out our TechCare® line for all of your supplies!

You should be all set with garage storage ideas for your main areas! Having an organized garage will help keep projects more simple, and necessary items easier to find. Do you have any unique ideas for garage organization and tool storage?