How to Keep Your Car Clean During the Summer Months

Summer is finally here! School is out, and the warm weather often leads to extra driving for families enjoying their favorite summertime activities. While this summer may look different than summers past, with the proper safety precautions it can be just as fun and memory-filled for the whole family! From fun-in-the-sun outings, to beach adventures, to the occasional stop at the local ice cream shop, your car’s interior and exterior can take a beating. The following tips and tricks will show you how to keep your car clean and gleaming all summer long!

Focus On High Traffic Areas

Maintaining a clean car throughout the hot summer months means focusing on the areas of your vehicle that take the most heat. The windshield and windows often take the brunt as bug splatter can be a visible eyesore and hinder your view of the road. Don’t wait until your next full car wash to clean that buggy mess as the hot sun’s rays will quickly make it more difficult to remove with time. WeatherTech suggests using the TechCare® Exterior Glass Cleaner with Repel to easily remove bugs, dirt and debris as well as prevent future streaking, fogging and smearing. Also, remember to check your car’s grill for insects after a long summer drive.

Frequent Light Washing

We shared How to Spring Clean Your Vehicle a couple months back, focusing more on a deeper clean from the rough winter elements. The key difference for keeping your car clean during the summer is consistent maintenance. Unlike winter when dirt, salt and grime are most prevalent, the hot summer months lend themselves to an accumulation of road dust being baked on. Your paint job acts as a magnet for dust and dirt particles, which if allowed to build up, can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s finish. Washing your car frequently, even when there is no visible buildup, is the easiest and best way to prevent this.
While driving through a car wash is effective, the necessary frequency needed to maintain can end up being costly. Washing your car at home can be just as effective and save you money in the long run. WeatherTech’s Ready-to-Wash Bucket System makes washing your car at home incredibly easy, giving you everything you need to get the professional results you and your vehicle deserve - perfect for those quick wash, rinse and drying jobs!

Pay Attention to the Interior Details

While summertime driving can lead to accumulated dirt on your vehicle’s exterior, it also means the extra time spent in the car will inevitably bring more dirt inside as well. Especially when you and your family spend more time outdoors enjoying the weather. Soil and sand will accumulate on the floor of your vehicle, which can be a disaster to the carpet if let unprotected. Summertime drives aren’t complete without snacks and drinks, and with those comes messes and spills. The best way to prevent damage to your vehicle’s carpet is with WeatherTech FloorLiners and Cargo Liners. The laser-measured, custom floor mats and cargo mats not only protect your car’s floors, but also contain the dirt, sand and other messes within the lined walls of the mat, making cleanup simply a breeze.
Beach gear on a WeatherTech Cargoliner
Other areas within the interior to clean and protect during summertime are leather and vinyl surfaces. The sun’s rays are more powerful during the summer and that can have negative effects on the leather and vinyl in your car, such as the dashboard or your seats. Just like you would apply sunscreen to your skin at the beach, you need to protect and moisturize your vulnerable leather and vinyl surfaces to help maintain and extend their life as well. WeatherTech’s Leather Conditioner with Aloe Vera not only cleans and protects automotive leather and vinyl but also guards against UVA and UVB rays from the powerful summer sun.

Here are Some Final Tips for Cleaning Your Car this Summer


1. Avoid Washing or Waxing in Direct Sunlight

Washing your car in direct sunlight can lead to ugly water spotting that is caused by the water drying due to sunlight rather than wiping with a cloth. Also, waxing in direct sunlight can cause the wax to be literally baked onto your car’s paintwork, making it an absolute nightmare to remove. Try for the early morning or under some shade when washing and waxing.

2. Use Appropriate Cloths for Cleaning/Finishing

Your car’s interior/exterior is more delicate than it may seem. Always choose a non-abrasive material such as a Microfiber Cloth to clean and finish your car.

3. Line Your Cup Holders

Make sure to protect your car’s cup holders from inevitable spills and excessive condensation from drinks. CarCoasters prevent liquid from reaching the bottom of your cup holder and can easily be taken out to clean!

4. Use Organizers

Seat Back Protectors help organize your backseat and keep your kids from kicking dirt onto the seat back. They are great for keeping water bottles, sunglasses and kids toys in order.

5. Don’t Forget Fido

Nothing is worse than dog hair all over your car’s seats unless it’s that wet-dog smell that imbeds itself into your car’s upholstery and lingers forever. A Seat Protector will prevent that and it is machine-washable.