How to Install WeatherTech FloorLiners

Dirt, debris, snow, sleet, rain, ice and mud all punish the exterior of your vehicle, while shoes and boots can track it all in. All of these can damage and stain your interior carpet, which is exactly why you took this opportunity to upgrade your vehicle’s interior with a set of WeatherTech FloorLiners


However, now that you’ve received them, you’re not 100% sure where to start when it comes to installing them. Keep reading below for a comprehensive installation guide and some additional helpful tips!

1. Remove All Other Floor Mats & Yellow Safety Label:


Remove all existing floor mats from your vehicle before installing WeatherTech FloorLiners.

This first step is vital; it is imperative that you remove all other floor mats from your vehicle before installing your new WeatherTech FloorLiners. Failing to remove mats that are already installed, will result in the FloorLiners fitting improperly. 

Make sure to remove the yellow safety label and store with your vehicle's owners manual.

In addition to removing all the other floor mats from your vehicle, make sure to remove the yellow safety label from your new FloorLiners before beginning the installation process. This label should not be thrown away, and should be retained with your vehicle owner's manual.

2. Cleaning is Never a Bad Thing:

Once you’ve removed all other vehicle floor mats, it’s recommended to quickly clean the floor of your vehicle. Using a vacuum cleaner, or if unavailable, sweeping out the carpet can help reduce build up of dirt and debris in the future and it will reduce any potential damage or stains that may occur. For the best results we recommend cleaning your carpet with TechCare Carpet Cleaner with SpotTech. Not only will this remove the stains, but will help repel them from forming in the future.

3. Identify the Correct Side:

In most cases, WeatherTech FloorLiners are clearly marked with which side of the vehicle they belong to. LHS (Left Hand Side) or RHS (Right Hand Side) are often molded into the underside of the respective FloorLiner adjacent to the to the part number (W102-LHS, for example). For easy reference, the Left Hand Side of the vehicle in this case refer’s to the driver’s side, and the Right Hand Side of the vehicle refers to the passenger side. The FloorLiners will only fit the correct side of the vehicle, so if you’re having some trouble getting them to fit correctly, quickly double-check you’re working with the correct FloorLiner for that side of your vehicle.

4. Double-Check Retention Devices:

Take a quick moment to double-check that your vehicle has factory supplied retention hooks installed in the floor. If there are not any, make sure to install the specifically supplied hooks that came with your WeatherTech FloorLiners, or if applicable utilize the supplied retention grommets or anchors.

5. Install the Driver’s Side FloorLiner:


Secure your FloorLiners using the retention devices available in your vehicle.

Place the FloorLiner marked with LHS into the driver’s side footwell, making sure to line up the retention hooks or grommets (if applicable). The retention grommets can be engaged by applying some force to the top of the grommet, so that it "snaps" down onto the mounting post. If your FloorLiner uses retention hooks, verify that they have been fully inserted through the holes and that the FloorLiner is laying flat on your vehicle’s carpet. You can quickly test if the retention systems have been engaged correctly by pulling the mat forward. If you’re unable to secure the mat properly to the floor, DO NOT use the FloorLiners. Failure to correctly install the FloorLiner could result in improper use.

6. Test the Pedals:


Test movement of the accelerator and brake pedals to make sure the FloorLiner is not impacting their range.

After double-checking that the FloorLiners are secured, and before moving on to install the passenger side FloorLiner, take a moment to test the range of motion on your vehicle’s accelerator and brake pedals. All should be able to move smoothly through their full range of motion without any interference from the FloorLiner.

7. Install the Passenger Side FloorLiner:


Repeat steps 4 through 6 to complete the installation for the passenger side FloorLiner.

Repeat step #5 with the FloorLiner marked with RHS to complete the installation of the passenger side FloorLiner!

Additional Tips:

  • On a rare occasion FloorLiners may arrive folded up in the box. In order to get them back into their best shape, it’s recommended to lay them out on a flat surface in a room temperature location.
  • Before installing your FloorLiners, applying a coat of TechCare® FloorLiner and FloorMat Protector is a great way to extend the life of your FloorLiners. The Protector solution adds a strong, durable anti-slip finish that will help your FloorLiners resist staining and makes cleaning and maintaining them much easier.
  • Regular cleaning will extend the life of your FloorLiners! FloorLiners can be easily removed from your vehicle and shaken regularly to remove build-up of any loose dirt and debris. In addition, FloorLiners can be quickly cleaned using a mild detergent soap and water. For best results we recommend using the TechCare® FloorLiner and FloorMat Cleaner.
  • FloorLiners should be installed directly on the floor of the vehicle and not over any other floor mats. Also do not place any additional mats on top of the FloorLiner. 
  • FloorLiners are laser measured and custom fit for your vehicle’s specific year, make and model. Do not install or use with any other vehicles.