How to Install WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors

WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors installed on a Subaru Outback.

WeatherTech’s Side Window Deflectors are the perfect accessory for anyone looking to keep the wind and weather out of their vehicle while still enjoying fresh air all year round. Not to mention, they make a sleek and stylish addition to any car, SUV or truck.
Installing your car’s Side Window Deflectors can be a breeze! Keep reading below for an overview of the quick and easy installation process!

WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors on silver sedan being washed.


Please note: Always refer to the instructions provided with your product for the most comprehensive installation instructions.


1. Thoroughly Clean Your Windows Prior to Installing Window Deflectors:

Thoroughly clean your windows and the window channel itself, giving both time to dry. Washing away all the dirt, dust and road grit will help the installation process go smoothly and ensure a fantastic fit.

2. Identify and Test Fit the Window Deflector Pieces:

While your windows and window channels are drying, now is a good time to clearly identify which sides of the vehicle your window deflectors are for. Depending on the set you purchased, there will be either 2 or 4 deflectors in the box. Lay out each deflector with the WeatherTech logo positioned towards the rear of the vehicle.

3. Insert Window Deflector into the Channel:


Side Window Deflector installed into the front channel of driver side window.

Once the windows and channels are dry, it’s time to begin the window deflector installation in earnest. Start on the driver’s side by lowering the window about halfway. Take the front of the deflector and slide it into the window channel. Make sure that the front edge of the wind deflector is resting on top of the outer window sill. It is important that the front edge is on the outer sill, and not within your vehicle’s window well. If the front edge is not properly placed, raising your window may cause damage to either the window deflector or your vehicle’s window.

4. Insert Rear Edge:


WeatherTech Side Window Deflector bent outward to accommodate rear edge installation.

After the front edge is secure, you’ll need to secure the opposite edge. Start by bowing the deflector slightly outward until you’re able to fit the rear edge into the window channel. Make sure to leave a small amount of space at the top of the deflector (anywhere from ¼" to ½" gap).

5. Tuck in the Deflector:


Once the front and rear edges have been installed, you will need to tuck in the rest of the deflector, starting at the front.

Now that the back of the window deflector has been placed into the window channel, it’s time to fit the rest of the window deflector into place. Starting at the front of the window, gently pull down the deflector until it has cleared the outside of your window and tuck the edge of the window deflector into the window channel. Work your way from front to back until the entirety of the deflector has been tucked into the window channel.

After the rest of the deflector is inserted into the channel, simply pull the deflector outward to secure in place.

Once you’ve completed that process, carefully pull the deflector outward to secure it within the window channel.

6. Installing the Rear Window Deflector:


Rear driver side window deflector being installed.

Start by identifying the driver’s side rear window deflector by matching up its shape and size with the corresponding window on your vehicle. Be sure to remove the adhesive backing (if supplied) and slide the deflector upward into place. Gently pull the deflector outward to properly set it within the window channel.

Rear driver side window deflector installation being finalized on dark sedan.


7. Roll up the Windows:

Slowly and carefully roll up your front and rear driver’s side windows five times. Do not activate the auto-up function on your vehicle (if applicable).

8. Repeat for Passenger Side:

Repeat Steps 3 through 7 for the passenger side of the vehicle. Once you’ve installed both sides of Side Window Deflectors, leave your windows fully closed for at least 12 hours. This will allow the deflectors to properly set within the channels.
Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed your new WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors!