How To Clean My Car's Dashboard

Every car owner understands the struggle of constant dust and dirt particles covering their vehicle’s dash over time. Sometimes you don’t even notice them building up until the sunlight begins reflecting off all the specs on your dash. Immediately, you feel disgusted as you are a "clean person." Don’t worry! Before the dust bunnies start taking up residency in your car, below is a quick and simple way to keep your car’s dashboard looking clean and brand new.

What You Need:

Step 1: Vacuum up any loose Dust
With a soft brush attachment on a vacuum wand, brush over vents and other hard to reach cracks around your dash to suck and break up the dust that has built up over time. Using a soft brush vacuum attachment is crucial, as this will prevent scratching or damaging any of your vehicle's surfaces.

Wiping down the car's dashboard

Step 2: Dust Your Car Dashboard
Go grab a microfiber cloth like WeatherTech's Microfiber finishing Cloth & Quick Detailer. Next dampen the microfiber cloth slightly with water and wipe down your dash, speedometer cavities and all around the buttons on your dash. This will lift the heavier particles of dirt and grime off the dash. Removing all of the dust and vacuuming your car before using any cleaners, conditioners, or polishes will make them more effective.

Spraying Interior Detailer on the car's dashboard

Step 3: Finish up with an Interior Cleaner
For your dash and other hard interior surfaces, we recommend using our specially formulated TechCare Interior Detailer. Interior Detailer is designed to easily clean all vehicle interior surfaces without causing any harm. Engineered with a neutral pH level, this product will clean away any lingering dust and dirt without harming plastic, vinyl, painted metal, chrome and/or fabrics. Simply spray Interior Detailer onto the surface you wish to clean, then wipe away with a damp cloth and allow the area to dry. TechCare Interior Detailer leaves behind no sticky residue and helps prevent future dust and dirt build up.

Please note: If you’re using a cleanser other than TechCare Interior Detailer, make sure to follow the directions provided on the bottle. Misuse of an interior cleanser could potentially lead to damage or staining of your vehicle’s interior surfaces.

Congratulations! You're finished! For other great tips on how to keep your car looking beautiful, read another blog article: Give Your Car Some TLC. To view more automotive detailing and cleaning products from WeatherTech, head over to the WeatherTech TechCare page.