WeatherTech FloorLiner Detailing 101

Guest blog by a Car Enthusiast

Like many car owners, my front floor mats are usually the dirtiest part of my vehicles. Periodic thorough cleaning with the WeatherTech Cleaner and Protection Sprays keep my mats cleaner with a "like new" appearance, and make them easier to clean in the future. The following steps will give you the best results for extra dirty mats or for people who just enjoy a clean car like me. Here is how I keep my WeatherTech FloorLiners in my vehicles looking like new, and the tools I always have on hand.
Tools & Supplies:

Before and After

Step 1: Cleaning
Remove the mats from your car, and be careful not to pour the loose dirt or rocks onto the carpet. Sometimes I’ll vacuum the mat first before removing to prevent the dirt from pouring onto the carpet. Rinse off the loose dirt from the mat, and wet the entire top surface. Hold the mat at an angle so the dirt and water run off, and does not pool inside. Using the WeatherTech FloorLiner and Floor Mat Cleaner, evenly apply about 8-10 sprays making sure to cover the mat completely. The sprayer has a foaming nozzle, so spray extra cleaner if more coverage is needed.

Wiping down the car's dashboard

With a nylon or horse hair scrub brush, work in the cleaner to cover the entire mat. Avoid using metal brushes as those could scratch your mats. Finer bristles help agitate and remove dirt from the small contours and textured surface of the mat. For smaller transition areas, such as the little edges where the raised and recessed lines end, a smaller detailing brush can be used to ensure no dirt is left behind.

Completely rinse the soap and dirt away while holding the mat at an angle, and avoid picking up anything extra such as dirt from the driveway. I recommend putting the mat down upside down in a dry area to allow excess water to run off as you scrub, and rinse any additional mats.

Step 2: Drying
Use a microfiber towel to dry the top and bottom of the mat. Repeat the steps above if necessary to take care of any remaining dirt spots. Let the mat sit face up to dry completely. Thorough drying ensures the protectant in the next step applies evenly.

Spraying Interior Detailer on the car's dashboard

Step 3: Protecting / Conditioning
Using the WeatherTech FloorLiner and Floor Mat Protector spray, evenly spray 5-6 sprays of the protectant on the top of the mat. Spread out and work in the protectant using the microfiber towel which was used for drying.

Using the same towel, which should be damp but not soaking wet, will help evenly distribute the protectant. The damp towel also prevents the towel from soaking up all of the protectant which would require additional protectant spray usage. If you are cleaning more than 2 or 3 floor mats or cargo mats at a time, multiple towels will likely be needed. Avoid applying excessive to prevent spots and extended drying time, but be sure the protectant evenly spreads over the entire top surface of the mat.

Allow the mat to fully dry before placing back into your vehicle. Use the towel to smooth out any streaks or remaining wet spots if needed. After vacuuming the carpet in your vehicle’s footwell, and checking the back of the mat for any dirt, reinstall the floor mats… and enjoy!