Trip to Grandma's House Gone Wrong

You finally have the kids loaded in the family vehicle. You’ve double and triple checked to make sure everything they could possibly need for a long weekend at Grandma’s house is packed and secured in your cargo area.
At the last minute, Jake bursts out of the car insisting his rock collection MUST not be left behind, and MUST reside on the seat next to him. Having exhausted all energy to object, you comply and seat the tattered box of dusty rocks next to him and close the door.
Now, the last thing to do is survive a few hours on the road to your destination. What could possibly go wrong?
Jane is ready to eat the minute you hit the road. Refusing to make a full stop this soon in your trip, you settle on a quick trip through the drive thru. The kids carelessly consume their food. You hear the familiar sounds of fallen french fries and food wrappers hitting your vehicle floors.
Once the food has all been consumed, the whines of boredom begin. You turn up the radio a little louder and check the GPS to see how much further you have to go.
A crashing sound suddenly sends your eyes to the rear-view mirror – there went the rock collection. Dusty rocks and pebbles all over the seat and floor. Jake gives you that innocent shrug that he’s perfected.
A little peace and quiet finally prevails. You planned ahead, being sure that snacks and juice boxes were in an accessible area for the kids to grab. You pat yourself on the back for having such foresight.
But before long, Jane insists she needs a bathroom NOW (you mentally shake an angry fist at those juice boxes). You make it to a rest stop and give everyone 15 minutes to stretch their legs, run around and use the restrooms. Jake comes back to the car, shoes covered in mud – that kid is a mess magnet. Into the car they go, and you’re on your way again.
You finally make it to Grandma’s house, unload the kids and all their cargo and take a look at the wreckage. A smile crosses your face as you see the now familiar WeatherTech logo in your vehicle. Your seats, floors and cargo area have all been protected. With a quick wipe down and spray of the hose, your vehicle will be looking like new again! You wave your goodbyes as you speed away, ready to start enjoying your kid-free weekend.
With WeatherTech protection, any trip with the family can become less troublesome.