Tackling Trails with Marley and Cooper

Guest blog by Influencer @GirlMeetsMerle

Hey there!
My name is Caitlin and I am the human behind the camera of @GirlMeetsMerle! I am the 27 year old "dog mom" to Marley and Cooper and married to my best friend, Kastel. My husband and I are east coast Navy transplants in beautiful Washington State, trying to squeeze in as many adventures as we can during our short time here.
Dogs on mountainside
We adopted Marley in 2015, about 4 months after we got married. She was our very first dog together and the first we've raised all on our own. Marley is 100lbs of sass in a 15lb body. Her personality is infectious once you get to know her and she really loves with every fiber of herself. Marley had an unknown history, so because of that, we decided to fill her life with so many experiences and opportunities to make up for what she missed out in her first year of life. We started hiking, camping, kayaking and later backpacking. She took to everything like a champ and truly thrived being outdoors.. we did too!
In 2017, we decided to add four more paws to the mix, an 8 week old fluffy baked potato who changed our lives for the better. Cooper is the happiest dog and he is ALWAYS ready for anything. He and Marley are quite the pair. Marley is Queen B and Coop is her loyal subject.. he definitely loves her more than she loves him but they balance each other perfectly.
Dogs using WeatherTech Products
With these two furry balls of energy, my love for the outdoors really took hold the past two years and I can't get enough. We try to get out in the mountains as often as our schedules and our budget allows. Oftentimes, we spend more time in the car than on the trails but it is SO worth it. Because of this, we have decided to turn our Ford F-150 into the ultimate camping vehicle. We will be spending our summer building out the truck for over night trips and eventually, a 2 week road trip!
Our absolute first step was acquiring our WeatherTech floor mats. Having long haired dogs on the trails doesn't sound like a great mix to most people, but thanks to our floor mats, we don't have to think twice about walking through that mud puddle or letting Cooper swim in the creek. When we get home, we just rinse them off and we're ready for our next adventure!
With the peace of mind from WeatherTech, we can't wait to keep taking the pups out on as many adventures as possible because, Never Leave the Dogs Behind. 
You can follow along with Marley and Cooper's adventures on Instagram at @GirlMeetsMerle