Outdoor Adventuring with Bear and Nicole

Guest blog by Influencer Nicole Handel

My name is Nicole Handel. I am a 25-year old Vermonter, focused on getting the most out of my weekends, mornings, and late nights. Usually, I am hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, or snowboarding with my dog, Bear.
Nicole and Bear the Dog
I met Bear five years ago, when he was just a puppy. I kind of...inherited him from my then-boyfriend. Ever since, we’ve been inseparable. I gave him my word, those five years ago, to give him all of the experiences he deserved. 
As a result, I’ve been known to get up before sunrise on the weekdays to get a few mountain bike laps in, and stay out past dark on a hike or climb with friends. On Saturdays and Sundays, we decide between long runs, overnight hiking and camping trips, or out-of-town multi-sport adventures (sometimes we just can’t choose!). On every adventure, Bear gets to tag along. In the past, that meant that my car (Tonya the Honda, a big, white CR-V) suffered. I’d have to vacuum my back seat (Bear’s spot)  before letting anyone ride with me, and I was no stranger to scrubbing mud, sand, and...miscellaneous dog gunk….out of it.
Enter: the WeatherTech Seat Protector.
Bear has a habit of laying down in lakes, ponds, streams, and best of all, puddles. In the muddy state of Vermont, puddle-laying means that my Seat Protector has its work cut out for it. While I, on the other hand, get to sit back and enjoy Bear’s silly habit (rather than frantically finding a towel in my trunk and getting whatever mud I can out of his long fur).
Dog on a seat protector
Over the summer, I took over the WeatherTech Instagram for a weekend to take followers along on a typical 48 hours with us. We rock climbed Saturday morning, mountain biked Saturday night, hiked Sunday morning, and went for a river swim Sunday night. Each time Bear hopped back into Tonya (the Honda), my Seat Protector did just that; protected my seats!
With a lifestyle as active as mine, and as BUSY as mine, I can’t afford to worry about my seats. Thanks to the WeatherTech Seat Protector, I don’t have to!
You can follow along on Bear and Nicole's adventures on Instagram at @nicolehandel