On the Hunt with Sophie Swaney

Influencer Spotlight with @sophieswaney

Sophie Swaney is a 23 year old with a passion for hunting, fishing, her labs, and a Chevy Silverado named Bubba! She is a fearless female, challenging industry stereotypes and boldly honing her craft. 
Our WeatherTech Influencer Spotlight showcases the people making use of our products in their everyday lives. We want to share their stories and their passions with our readers! Today we are sharing Sophie’s story with you. We interviewed Sophie a few weeks back and here’s what she had to say:

WeatherTech: Could you give us a little intro describing yourself for our readers?

Sophie Swaney: My name is Sophie Swaney, I’m 23 years old, and currently enrolled in gunsmithing school in Eastern NC! Since moving to North Carolina, I have had many amazing opportunities to partner up with some great companies in the outdoor industry and help share a common passion for hunting, conservation, and the outdoors. 

WT: What’s your favorite thing about being outdoors?

SS: For me, the outdoors is my happy place. I grew up on a farm, and spent probably 90% of my childhood outdoors, whether it was hunting, fishing, riding horses or four-wheelers, it was where I wanted to be, and I never grew out of that. All of my favorite things involve the outdoors, and it’s just a part of who I am. 

WT: So you fish and hunt, what got you into that?

SS: I grew up on a 300-acre farm and my father and grandfather introduced me to the outdoors when I was just a little girl. I was fishing when I was as young as four years old and accompanying my dad on hunts as young as five! 

WT: Tell us about the truck you drive. Is this your go-to vehicle for hunting and fishing outings?

SS: I just got my 2014 Chevy Silverado right around Christmas time and I’m loving it! I had a Tahoe before so I’ve always been fond of Chevys, but Bubba, as I call him, is definitely my adventuring vehicle that gets me where I need to go!  

WT: Who’s your favorite hunting partner (human or otherwise), or do you prefer to hunt solo?

SS: Growing up I always hunted with my Dad or my Papa, until my Papa passed away when I was still young. I continued to hunt with my Dad, but when I moved to North Carolina, I was by myself, so I had to hunt solo. I will always love hunting with my Dad, but every now and then I really appreciate a solo hunt. 

WT: You recently received a set of WeathTech FloorLiners to review, have you had the chance to put them to the test?

SS: I have had the chance, and they are performing just as I’d hoped! My Silverado has carpet floors, and I knew they would be damaged in no time. So as soon as I got my truck, I looked into getting myself a set, and they have not let me down! Between training my labs, weekly fishing/boat trips, trips to the land, hunting season prep and my overall clumsiness my carpet has remained untouched! 
Sophie_Swaney_using_FloorLiners and Seat Protector

WT: What are your thoughts after having the FloorLiners in your vehicle for a little while?

SS: Having four labs, and training all of them to be hunting dogs gets hectic and it gets dirty. I don’t have to worry about the dogs dragging water, sand, mud, and whatever else back into the truck. Nor do I have to worry getting in the truck with my muddy boots, because my FloorLiners are protecting my carpet floors! 

WT: What’s your favorite hunting season?

SS: That’s a hard one, but it would be between Whitetail and Waterfowl. Although they’re both about the same time of year, I love Whitetail hunting for the serenity and the overall satisfaction when you get a big buck, but I enjoy waterfowl for the constant excitement and ongoing opportunities to harvest multiple ducks.  

WT: Who do you think WeatherTech products are perfect for?

SS: These products are perfect for such a wide variety of people. Whether you hunt, fish, or do anything else outdoors, you’re a mother with a messy child, a dog mom to a pup that loves the water, or just a clumsy person that wants to protect your vehicle, the FloorLiners are perfect for just about everyone! 

You can follow more of Sophie Swaney’s story on her Instagram page

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